Genshin Impact: How to Get Wings (& How They Work)

Wings are essential to getting around more quickly and easily in Genshin Impact. The world of Teyvat is incredibly massive, but the methods of transportation are fairly limited. While players are able to find Waypoints and Statues of the Seven scattered around the map, these only allow players to warp to specific locations. For the most part, players will spend a majority of their time walking, jumping, sprinting, and, most importantly, gliding to get around. This is where Genshin Impact\’s Wings come into play.

Similar to the glider feature in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, players are able to jump from high places in Genshin Impact and press the jump button again to activate their gliders. This allows them to slowly make their way through the air as long as they have a sufficient amount of stamina. Players can get more stamina throughout their adventure, but even without stamina increases, Wings are still the fastest way of getting around without a Waypoint.

Wings in Genshin Impact are strictly cosmetic, and different styles don\’t change the gameplay. Wings will change size, however, depending on the size of the character. Smaller characters will have smaller Wings, while taller characters have a large wingspan. Like equipping any alternate skin cosmetic on a character, Wings and Wing size do not impact gameplay. So far, Wings are amongst the rarest unlockable cosmetics due to how few options there are.

How To Get More Wings in Genshin Impact

So far, there are seven Wings players can unlock in Genshin Impact. Some are extremely exclusive and not available to everyone. Here are all the Wings available and how to unlock them:

Wings of First Flight: This is the default glider that players will have at the beginning of the game.Wings of Descension: These Wings are exclusive for PlayStation players.Wings of Companionship: These Wings were given to players as a Genshin Impact launch exclusive.Wings of Azure Wind: These Wings are unlocked once the player reaches level 10 Reputation in Mondstadt.Wings of Golden Flight: These Wings are unlocked once the player reaches level 10 Reputation in Liyue.Wings of Concealing Snow: These Wings are unlocked once the player fully levels up the Forstbearing Tree in Dragonspine.Wings of the Stormrider: These Wings are unlocked once the player reaches level 10 Reputation in Inazuma.

Players can raise their city Reputation level in specific regions by completing Bounties and Requests. These are tied to the weekly reset system, so players will want to help out the corresponding cities\’ residence as often as possible to raise their Reputation and unlock more Wings.

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