Genshin Impact: How To Help Abe Cross Over (Flourescent Fungi Location)

In the 2.2 update of Genshin Impact, players exploring Tsurumi Island may come across nine different ghosts still haunting the island since the Thunderbird’s disappearance. As part of the “Boatman’s” hidden quest, players must help all nine of these ghosts cross over and set their spirits at ease. In order to do that, players must figure out what is keeping these ghosts attached to the island and soothe their worries by completing various tasks for them.

Among these ghosts is Abe, an apparent mushroom enthusiast and friend of Una, another of the island’s ghosts. Like Una, Abe’s quest is time-locked and requires 48 hours to complete. In order to help Abe cross over, however, players have to find him first.

Abe’s ghost is located within the ruins at Shirikoro Peak, which is deep underground just past the teleport waypoint. Unlike the other ghosts on Tsurumi Island, Abe isn’t visible to the player until they trigger his appearance, making him the hardest ghost to find. Instead, players must look for a ring of Fluorescent Fungi, which they will have to collect in order for Abe to appear.

How To Find Abe In Genshin Impact

Collecting mushrooms will get Abe to appear in Genshin Impact.

Abe’s cluster of Fluorescent Fungi can be found by entering Genshin Impact\’s Shirikoro Ruins through a cobweb-covered cave. There is a large room through the circular door with a path around the outside of the room. Going through the farthest door from the entrance, players will see a group of Fluorescent Fungi growing to the right.

Once the player collects all of these Fungi, Abe will appear in a huff, annoyed that the player has helped themselves to his mushrooms. He will tell the player to keep their hands off next time before disappearing, though he will allow the player to keep the mushrooms they collected as a gift.

Genshin Impact\’s Fluorescent Fungi respawns every two days, so the player must wait for two daily resets before returning to the cave. After picking all of the fresh fungi, Abe will appear to scold the player again. Having a conversation with him will reveal that he has yet to board the boat because he wasn’t able to prove to Una that there are mushrooms beyond the Sea of Fog.

In order to get him to cross over, the player must give Abe three Mushrooms and three Philanemo Mushrooms. Abe will thank the player and disappear, joining the other ghosts who are ready to cross with the Boatman. Completing this Genshin Impact quest will grant players an Exquisite Chest containing 20 Primogems and 30,000 Mora.

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