Genshin Impact: How To Help Kito & Kina Cross Over (Sakura Blooms)

Genshin Impact\’s 2.2 update allows players to traverse the mists shrouding Tsurumi Island, but there are still plenty of mysteries to be uncovered once the fog has been cleared away, like that of the spirits of Kito and Kina. As part of a hidden quest, players may encounter the “Boatman,” a ghostly figure lingering east of the teleport waypoint at Shirikoro Peak. He will ask the player to help the ghosts of Tsurumi Island board his boat so he can ferry them to the golden land, and Kito and Kina have yet to join him.

Kito and Kina are the ghosts of two children unable to cross over as they worry about their grandmother, Una, whose spirit also remains on Tsurumi Island. These three spirits are among nine that players must help in order to complete the Boatman’s task. Kito and Kina’s quest is one of the easier parts to complete, only requiring the player to find them at five different locations across the island. However, players must complete Kito and Kina’s quest in order to help Una later, as the children’s grandmother will not cross over without them.

Like the other ghosts, Kito and Kina’s quest is a hidden objective, so players must locate them on the map to begin the quest. The two spirits are initially located on an island to the northwest of the Autake Plains, standing beside a stone monument on the higher ground. Speaking with them will initiate the quest, and they will ask the player to bring them a sakura bloom to give to Grandma Una. Kito and Kina will ask the player for a sakura bloom at each location they appear at except for the last one, so players can complete this quest more quickly if they gather four sakura blooms before speaking to the spirits. Sakura blooms can be found across Tsurumi Island and require Electro to gather, and they respawn every two days.

How To Find Kito & Kina In Genshin Impact

When helping Kito and Kina in Genshin Impact, the two will give players a hint to their next location on Tsurumi Island after players give them each sakura bloom. The first location they mention is the Chirai Shrine, which players can teleport to using the waypoint. Directly to the south, the pair of ghosts can be seen from the waypoint just across the river. Once players with them again, Kito and Kina will reveal that they can’t leave the island until they bring flowers to Grandma Una, at which point players can give them the second sakura bloom. They’ll tell players that they’re going to play in the Autake Plains before disappearing again.

From the teleport waypoint just northwest of Mt. Kanna, players will notice an area on the map in the Autake Plains where the cliff juts out just south of the road. Kito and Kina can be found to the left of a cabin just south of this cliff, near another stone tablet. After they receive the third sakura bloom, they will disappear to go play in the south river.

Directly to the south of the Autake Plains, players can follow the river to the west until they reach a large waterfall. On the other side of the river, Kito and Kina will be waiting on a ledge beside another large stone, which players can easily reach by gliding. Once they cheer Kito up by handing over the fourth sakura bloom, the two will disappear one more time, heading on their own Tsurumi Island adventure to a mountain hollow north of Mt. Kanna.

Genshin Impact Tsurumi Island Shirikoro Peak

With Kito and Kina’s clue, players can teleport back to the waypoint behind Mt. Kanna and make their way northeast to the river. Following the river the entire way to the east will lead players to a small island. They can keep following to the right toward the mountain, which will take them directly to the mountain hollow where Kito and Kina are waiting. Kito and Kina will not ask for another sakura bloom, but will instead ask that the player do them a favor and deliver something to Una so she will cross with them.

Upon completion of the quest, players will receive Kito’s Sachet, which they will need to give to Una in order to complete her task later on. They will also be rewarded with a Precious Chest containing 30 Primogems, 20,000 Mora, and 2 Hero’s Wit. Returning to the Genshin Impact Boatman at Shirikoro Peak at this point will give players a hint about the next ghost who needs their help.

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