Genshin Impact: How To Help Nonno Cross Over (Hide & Seek)

The latest update to Genshin Impact allows players to explore the mysterious Tsurumi Island, the last of Inazuma’s six islands, and complete quests to help ghosts like Nonno cross over. Tsurumi Island is originally shrouded in a thick mist that makes navigation extremely difficult, but, once the player is able to clear the fog, there’s much to be done, and plenty of hidden characters and quests to find throughout the island.

Nonno is the ghost of a little girl, one of nine ghosts that can be found on Tsurumi Island. Once players complete the \”Through the Mists\” world quest in Inazuma, the fog that shrouds Tsurumi Island will be lifted, and they will be able to explore the island freely. At this point, they will be able to find the “Boatman,” a ghost located east of the teleport waypoint at Shirikoro Peak. The Boatman tasks players with helping the ghosts of Tsurumi Island cross over, which will allow them to find and speak with Nonno. If players have not completed this part of the Boatman’s quest, he will remark that there is a little child playing alone, giving them a hint as to which ghost has yet to board the boat.

Nonno will appear at five locations around the Chirai Shrine, making this one of the easier tasks that players must complete for the Boatman’s quest. The first location is in an underground room in the center of the shrine. Once players enter the shrine, they can drop down into this lower area around the back of the shrine and find Nonno hiding there in some bushes. Once they speak with her, she will say that she has been found and disappear, initiating the Hide and Seek game.

How to Find Nonno in Genshin Impact

Nonno says goodbye before crossing over in Genshin Impact

To continue seeking and finding Nonno in Genshin Impact, once she disappears, players can climb out of the room using the vines growing on a nearby wall. However, because Nonno will appear relatively close to the teleport waypoint, it’s easier to teleport out. From the waypoint, Nonno will appear directly to the east near a toppled column of the ruin, once again hiding in some bushes.

Nonno will appear next directly behind the shrine near an inactive storm stone. From her last hiding spot, the player can move directly towards the Perch, a tree to the northeast of the shrine, and find her just below the stone ledge of the ruin. Her next location is farther away, near the southernmost part of the shrine’s island. Players should follow the road leading down from the shrine, and she will be hiding behind a tree near the river, just to the east of the crumbling pillars that mark the path to the shrine.

The fifth and final location is behind the Perch. Following the road back up toward the shrine will reveal the tree in the distance behind it, where Nonno is waiting to say goodbye. At this point, she is ready to cross over, remarking that the “Golden Man” has told her it’s time to go. She’s grateful that her time has come, saying that she will no longer be alone before disappearing and leaving players an Exquisite Chest with 20 Primogems and 30,000 Mora. Players will also receive 150 EXP for completing the task.

Once players have helped Nonna and the rest of the ghosts on Tsurumi Island cross over, they can speak with the Boatman again to send them off. Despite the fog being lifted from the island, there are still plenty of mysteries for players to uncover in Genshin Impact 2.2.

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