Genshin Impact: How To Help Rero Cross Over (Grave Location)

Helping the lost spirit of NPC Rero cross over to the other side is one of the many quests available on Tsurumi Island in Genshin Impact. Tsurumi Island is a new area of Inazuma introduced in the Version 2.2 update, and the island is filled with lost souls that the player can help move on to the afterlife, as long as they complete a task for them.

Rero will have the player go to the grave of his wife, and following through with his requests will allow him to cross over. Completing all of these side quests is a great way to level player characters quickly, earn a little extra money, and explore Tsurumi Island.

To find Rero, Genshin Impact players will need to go northeast of Mt. Kanna. He will be standing next to a tree, players don’t need to complete any extra activities to summon him. For players who have completed Kito and Kina’s spirit quests, Rero can be found near their second location, on slightly higher ground. Rero is one of nine spirits players can assist as a part of the Boatman’s hidden quest on Tsurumi Island. Most of these quests grant the same rewards, including Rero’s.

How to Help Rero Cross Over in Genshin Impact

After talking to Rero in Genshin Impact, he will ask the players to dig at his wife’s grave to find a golden ring he dropped. This grave can be found in Chirai Shrine, on the east of the ruin. It will appear as a grey box sticking half outside the ground, next to a steep incline. Players will be prompted to Dig once they approach it, which they should select to continue with the quest.

After trying to Dig, a Thunderhelm Lawachurl will spawn to attack the player. Players must defeat this monster to proceed with this Genshin Impact quest. This enemy may appear intimidating, but as long as players have a Cryo or Pyro DPS unit on their team, they should be able to defeat it with relative ease.

After defeating the Lawachurl, Rero will appear and reveal to the player it was all a prank, as requested by Rero’s wife before she passed. After completing his wife’s final request, Rero decides he can finally cross over. This will complete the quest, and reward players with 30 Primogems, 20,000 Mora, and two Hero’s Wits.

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