Genshin Impact: How To Help Una Cross Over (Kito's Sachet)

As part of the latest Genshin Impact update, players will come across several ghosts who still linger once the mist has been cleared from Tsurumi Island. To help these ghosts cross over, players must activate a quest by finding the “Boatman,” a mysterious specter east of the waypoint at Shirikoro Peak. He will ask the player to help nine of Tsurumi Island’s ghosts board his boat so he can ferry them to the “golden land.”

Among these ghosts is Una, the grandmother of Kito and Kina, whose spirits also haunt Tsurumi Island. In order for Una to be ready to cross over, players will have to complete Kito and Kina’s quest, as she wishes to be with her grandchildren. Upon completion of Kito and Kina’s crossing-over quest, players will receive Kito’s Sachet, which they will have to give Una.

Unlike the other ghosts on Tsurumi Island, Una doesn’t actually present the player with a task. Instead, they only need to listen to her talk for a bit and receive some sakura blooms from her. However, this quest is time-locked, and players must speak with her for five days before she will be ready to cross over.

How To Find Una In Genshin Impact

Una's map location on Genshin Impact's Tsurumi Island.

Genshin Impact\’s grandmotherly Una can be found just north of the waypoint near the Moshiri Ceremonial Site. There, just below a cliff, players will notice an area with stone ruins on their map. On the first day, Una is waiting near some clay pots and a stone statue marked by candles. She will mistake the player for her grandchildren and give them three sakura blooms. Una will stay in this area for the duration of the quest, but talking to her more than once per day will only result in some short dialogue.

After the daily reset, players can return to speak with Una again. They will earn three more sakura blooms each day that they return. Her dialogue will also refer to some of the other ghosts that players can interact with on Tsurumi Island, and she will share several stories about herself as well as the lore of the island. On the fifth day, players have the option to speak with her twice, which will allow them to give Una Kito’s Sachet.

After Una receives Kito’s Sachet, she will be ready to cross over to be with her grandchildren. If the player tries to complete Una’s quest without finishing Kito and Kina’s, she will tell the player that her loved ones haven’t boarded the boat yet, giving them a hint as to what must be done. Once Una’s quest is complete, she will disappear, leaving an Exquisite Chest containing 20 Primogems and 30,000 Mora. Returning to the Boatman once all of the ghosts have been helped will unlock a brief cutscene of the ghosts crossing over, their spirits finally free of their attachments to the mystical Tsurumi Island.

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