Genshin Impact: How to Make Adeptus' Temptation

For Genshin Impact players, Adeptus’ Temptation is one of the most important recipes to have. As the only Five-Star recipe in the game, Adeptus’ Temptation provides buffs that are extremely helpful for difficult fights in the game, so players are going to want to know how to cook this dish.

The recipe for Adeptus’ Temptation can be found in two separate chests from different quests, and players can complete whichever quest they want to access the recipe. Here’s how players can unlock the recipe, what ingredients they’ll need to make it, and what the dish does.

The easiest way players can unlock the recipe is through a chest located on the floating island above Qingyun Peak. To access this area, players will have to find the various bird statues surrounding Qingyun Peak, and make sure they’re all pointed towards the peak. After doing this, the player will unlock a wind current that can take them to the hidden island.

How to Unlock and Make Adeptus’ Temptation in Genshin Impact

Once players unlock the island above Qingyun Peak in Genshin Impact, they’ll be able to take the wind current up to a set of smaller islands. These smaller rock islands serve as stairs for the player to travel to the floating island. On this island, the player will be rewarded with plenty of chests, one of which includes the Adeptus’ Temptation recipe. Players can also unlock the recipe by completing the Nine Pillars of Peace quest.

This Genshin Impact world quest is located in Cuijue Slope in Liyue. To complete it, players must insert a Stone of Remembrance into each of the 9 pillars in the area. Stones of Remembrance can be obtained by leveling up the Statues of The Seven in Liyue. Players will need to collect Geoculus to level up their Liyue Statues of The Seven to Level 9. After inserting a stone into all of the pillars, players will unlock the dungeon in the center of the plains. Once all the enemies in the area are defeated, they’ll unlock a chest with the recipe inside.

To make Adeptus’ Temptation, players will need 4 Ham, 3 Crab, 3 Shrimp Meat, and 3 Matsutake. Ham can be purchased from Sara at Good Hunter, or processed by using 2 Raw Meat and 1 Salt. Crab can be obtained by catching crabs near bodies of water all over Teyvat. Shrimp Meat can be bought from Aoi at Tsukumomono Groceries in Inazuma, or Uncle Sun in Liyue. Finally, Matsutake can be found all around Liyue, growing in grassy areas.

A perfectly cooked Adeptus’ Temptation increases all Genshin Impact party members’ ATK by 372, and increases their CRIT rate by 12% for 300s. This dish has one of the strongest ATK-boosting effects in the game, making it extremely useful for difficult battles.

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