Genshin Impact: How To Make Perfect Fireworks

Liyue’s Lantern Rite Festival has made its return to Genshin Impact, and this year players can craft their own fireworks as a part of the event. The Lantern Rite Festival is an annual event meant to celebrate the new year in the main port of Liyue with beautiful glowing lanterns, and this year players will be able to smelt and set off fireworks as a new way of participating in the festivities.

Making fireworks is the crux of this year’s Lantern Rite Festival in Genshin Impact, and players can do this through a firework-making minigame, recently introduced in Genshin Impact. In this minigame, players earn points based on the quality of their firework, and the more points earned, the higher rewards the player can obtain. In addition, these points can also grant the player special event currency they can use in the event shop for even more rewards.

To participate in the firework-making portion of the event, players will first need to complete the prerequisite quest ‘Flameplume Starflowers.’ This also involves completing the Archon quest introduced in Version 2.4. After this, players will be granted a firework gadget in Genshin Impact that can be accessed from their inventory and used to create fireworks.

Making Perfect Fireworks in Genshin Impact

To start making fireworks, players have to open the Production Challenge tab from the Event Overview tab. From here, players can select which challenge they’d like to try their hand at. Making fireworks is relatively easy– players will be presented with a circle that has three sections. These sections are the various ways players can customize their fireworks. Each section has a bar with a small orange spot on it. This orange spot is the spot that players will want to fill the bar up to in order to make a perfect firework.

To make a perfect firework with Genshin Impact\’s Launch Tube, players will have to fill each of the three bars exactly up to the orange spot. Players must first select which section they’re going to work on (either Color, Size, or Height) and then select a Smelting Technique using the icon on the right. Next, players will have to tap the screen (or press the prompted button) to increase the gauge. They must make sure not to go over the orange spot but also have to make sure they don’t run out of endurance (players can only tap so many times). Thus, players will have to choose how greatly they want to increase the bar per tap through their Smelting Technique options.

The technique most players will want to use is either the lowest or medium tactile sensitivity setting to ensure they don’t go over the orange spot (this spot will look similar to the spot players need to hit in Genshin Impact\’s cooking minigame to make a perfect dish). For an orange spot close to the left, players should start with the lowest sensitivity setting and see how many they’ll need. For one closer to the right, players should begin with the medium one and then see how may they’ll need.

Fireworks are given a quality rating out of 3000, and a perfect score on all three firework parameters will grant the player a perfect firework. This means the player has earned the maximum amount of points possible, allowing them to earn great rewards such as Primogems and Adventure Books even quicker!

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