Genshin Impact: How To Remove Dark Mud In The Chasm

Genshin Impact\’s 2.6 update added a new area to explore: The Chasm. Found within The Chasm is a new environmental hazard as well as one of the zone\’s new mechanics: Dark Mud. While this hazard may be confusing at first with how to clear it, it\’s actually very simple to remove Dark Mud in Genshin Impact.

Version 2.6 of Genshin Impact was released on March 30, finally giving players access to The Chasm. This new area added a lot of puzzles and chests for the player to find, both on The Surface and in the Underground Mines. Dark Mud plays a part in unlocking a good amount of these chests, so players will need to know how to get rid of it.

Dark Mud can be found inside the Underground Mines portion of The Chasm map, which players must complete the short quest, \”Surreptitious Seven-Star Seal Sundering\”, in order to access. It looks like a large purple mass on the ground, called an Oozing Concretion, with a thin layer surrounding it. If a player steps on the Dark Mud, it will quickly begin to drain energy from their Lumenstone Adjuvant Gadget, and they will eventually be unable to use it.

How To Remove Dark Mud In Genshin Impact

To remove Dark Mud from the Underground Mines in The Chasm, players will need to equip the Lumenstone Adjuvant Gadget. This is a gadget that can only be used in The Chasm and is vital for exploration there. Players can receive the Lumenstone Adjuvant during the quest to unlock the Underground Mines portion of The Chasm in Genshin Impact. When used while equipped, the Lumenstone Adjuvant will create a Blooming Light effect, which will emit in a circle around the player. This Blooming Light can be used to clear the Dark Mud around the Chasm if the player is standing within range of an Oozing Concretion.

However, the Blooming Light effect will not be strong enough when the player receives it to clear any Dark Mud in Genshin Impact. The level of the Lumenstone Adjuvant needs to be increased in order to do so. Players will need to collect Lumenspar around the map of The Chasm as well as collect Lumenstone Ore as rewards from The Chasm questline. Then, players will be able to spend both of these items to upgrade the level of their Lumenstone Adjuvant. At level two, the Lumenstone Adjuvant will be able to clear level one Oozing Concretions (the smaller ones) and will be able to clear level two Oozing Concretions at level six.

Once the Oozing Concretion has been cleansed, it will also cleanse the Dark Mud surrounding it. Players should be careful to not step on the Dark Mud in Genshin Impact for too long when approaching the Oozing Concretion to cleanse it, as the energy of the Lumenstone Adjuvant drains rapidly when a player is standing on it. It\’s important for players to cleanse as much Dark Mud as they can, not only to make exploring The Chasm easier but as well to gain access to rewards, like those found inside chests.

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