Genshin Impact: How to Solve the Shirikoro Peak Puzzle

Genshin Impact’s 2.2 update adds many new things including the mystical Tsurumi Island. For the past few thousand years, the island has been inaccessible due to the dense fog that surrounds it. Like the eternal thunderstorms of Seirai Island and Yashiori Island, players will work to make the weather less inclement on Tsurumi Island.

They can do this by clearing some of the fog during the Genshin Impact world quest appropriately named “Through The Mists.” Players must make offerings at perches, which are on trees that look like the Thunder Sakura Boughs on Kannazuka.

Touching a perch scatters three feathers around the area. Players will have to navigate through the fog to retrieve them. Luckily, they glow and are visible on the mini-map. Sometimes, touching them returns them to the tree, but, other times, they will fly in another direction, requiring additional work. The most complicated perch is the one found on Shirikoro Peak. It is a lengthy process with several puzzles to solve to retrieve the feathers. However, there are rewards along the way.

Making an Offering at the Shirikoro Peak Perch in Genshin Impact

When players arrive at the perch at Shirikoro Peak, they can activate it by touching the base of the tree. The feathers will fly out from the tree, but, as the player quickly learns, they are now underwater. Retrieving them involves draining the pool.

Players must guide three nearby Seelies back to their courts. They can use Elemental Sight to more easily find the Seelies. Once all three have been returned to their courts, the water is drained, and the area below the tree is open to explore. Players can pick up an Electroculus on the way down. The feathers are all next to one another in a cave north of the perch.

While one feather does move back to the tree, the others move past spiderwebs deeper into the cave. Inside the cave, players will have to face off against Thundercraven Rifthound Whelps, new enemies that apply corrosion damage that causes the entire party to lose HP over time. They also become stronger when players attack them with electro abilities, though they do become less resistant to it.

Genshin Impact Tsurumi Island

When the player gets to the two remaining feathers, they fly through a locked vault door. There’s a cube button that opens the door, but it is locked by a red warding ring. Players will need to solve a puzzle to open it. This involves using the relay stones in the cave.

On the ground, there are tracks partially buried in the sand that run to the door. There are two of them, running from both ends of the cave. Players need to electrify the crystals along the tracks. The discharge stones are close enough to the first stones on the track that they don’t need the movable relay stones.

Instead, players can pick up the relay stones and place them near the unlit track crystals so they connect with the cumulation stones. It may take a few tries to get the positioning right, but eventually, they will connect. The puzzle can even be solved with relay stones left over. Completing the puzzle rewards an Exquisite Chest and unlocks the activation cube so players can open the door.

Genshin Impact Tsurumi Island Beido

That’s not the end, though. On the other side of the door is a Ruin Guard who is not happy at the intrusion. After players defeat it, the feathers will scatter again. One goes back to the tree, but one is not done with leading the player on a chase. Instead, it flits behind another locked vault door.

This puzzle has more steps, but it reuses mechanics from the previous puzzles. Players must guide three Seelies back to their courts, just as before. When this is finished, it unlocks the activation cube button. Players will need to use Elemental Sight near the courts to find the Seelies, if necessary.

From the entrance to the room, one feather is just ahead of the player on top of a fallen pillar, the next is in a room off to the right, and the third is hidden behind a breakable rock wall on the left side. The wall is much easier to find if players use Elemental Sight.

Genshin Impact Tsurumi Island Perch Offering

The third Seelie hovers over a fallen dome. Inside the dome is a Remarkable Chest with a Maple Wood Bookcase: Inkheart furnishing blueprint. It’s not required to finish the puzzle, as blueprints for the Serenitea Pot are an optional gameplay element, but players may still want to pick it up.

Once all three Seelies are back in their homes, the red warding ring around the button unlocks, and activating it drains the water below. If they haven’t gotten it already, guiding the Seelies completes the achievement Foggy Guidance, which occurs when players follow six Seelie back to their Seelie courts on Tsurumi Island. The reward is five Primogems.

In the drained pit, players will have to fight some Ruin Sentinels, then they can attempt the puzzle. Players follow the same steps here as the previous door puzzle, except, this time, the tracks run on both the floor and walls. Some climbing will be required to follow the tracks to their ends. Upon completing the puzzle, players earn a Luxurious Chest in addition to the ability to open the door and grab the final feather.

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