Genshin Impact: How to Solve the Trail of Drake and Serpent Puzzle

In Genshin Impact, players will face The Trail of Drake and Serpent puzzle in the Secret Room as they attempt to solve the puzzle to earn one of the three Reins of Revival Fragments. This is a subquest of the From Dusk to Dawn in Byakuyakoku questline. To unlock this quest, players will first need to complete the quest Entrance To Tokoyo. Of note, to reach the watery region of Enkanomiya, players will need to reach Adventure level 30 and complete several quests to unlock Enkanomiya in Genshin Impact.

To the South of the island in Enkanomiya where players found the Evernight Temple in, under the Teleport Waypoint, players will find a Secret Room underground. Players will find that the room is sealed with Daises of Night, which will need to be unsealed. Players should first change the time to Whitenight, and when they do so, some enemy Rifthounds will appear and need to be defeated. Once the Rifthounds are defeated, players can switch back to Evernight to unseal the room. Players will be able to determine what time the region is set to because if the mechanism is glowing yellow, that indicates the region is in Whitenight in Genshin Impact. If the mechanism glows blue, the region is in Evernight.

The ideal Genshin Impact party to defeat Rifthounds is comprised of a healer, a character who freezes enemies in place, a Geo character who can deal damage to Rockfond Rifthounds, and an Electro character for dealing damage to Thundercraven Rifthounds. The healer is crucial for restoring HP if a member of the party becomes afflicted by Corrosion. Additionally, if one member of the party has a shield, they will be protected from the primary damage, which is especially useful when Rifthounds enter their aggressive Devourer state.

Genshin Impact: The Trail of Drake and Serpent Secret Room

Genshin Impact Trail of Drake and Serpent

Once inside the Secret Room, players can being to solve the puzzle in Genshin Impact by putting the region in Whitenight. Players will spot a Triangular Mechanism and two handles on the right and left. Players should first hit the Triangular Mechanism to rotate a wall. Once complete, players should then activate the handle on the right to open the door leading further into the room. Players will then need to hit the Triangular Mechanism again to move the wall back in place.

Once complete, players will need to activate the handle on the left and then once again hit the Triangular Mechanism. After hitting the Triangular Mechanism for the third time, the Secret Room will open. Inside the room, players will find many enemy Rifthounds that they will need to defeat to unseal a chest in Genshin Impact in the middle of the room.

Inside the chest, players will find the Reins of Revival Fragment (Temple). Once players complete the puzzle and obtain the Reins of Revival Fragment, they will need to use these pieces along with the Golden Bridle found as part of the prior quest. The other two fragments are found by solving puzzles in The Narrows and at The Serpent\’s Heart island. Additionally, players will earn 20 points of XP for completing the quest.

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