Genshin Impact: How to Unlock (& Solve) The 6 Pyro Torches Puzzle

Genshin Impact 2.2 features new puzzles on Tsurumi Island, including the pyro torches puzzle that requires players to find and decipher a specific clue. The clue will show players which of the six torches needs to be lit, and they will be rewarded with an Exquisite Chest. Before reaching the puzzle, players will need to obtain Genshin Impact\’s new gadget, the Peculiar Pinion.

The 2.2 update to Genhsin Impact features a variety of mysteries all around Tsurumi Island, including getting past the mists and solving the six pyro torches puzzle. In order to reach the torches, players will need to complete some of the world quests associated with the new island. While completing the quests, players will receive a new gadget that allows them to access the area with the torches and the puzzle\’s clue.

To find the pyro torches puzzle, players will need to travel to Tsurumi Island. The puzzle can be found in the ruins below Shirikoro Peak. On the game map, players will be just south of the small, circular island near Shirikoro Peak. A secret pathway can be opened through the Thunderbird mural by using the Peculiar Pinion on it. The gadget is obtained during the second part of the new \”Through the Mists\” quest in Genshin Impact. Players can go through the pathway to reach a wall with six torches, however, only certain ones need to be lit.

How to Solve the Six Pyro Torches Puzzle in Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact 6 Pyro Torches Puzzle Clue

In order to solve the puzzle, players will need to locate the clue that\’s in the area connected to the torches room. Through a hole in the ceiling, there is a pattern of stars that can be matched with the torches to find the solution. Each of the glowing stars represents one of the torches for a total of four that need to be lit. Examine the clue, then head back to the torches and solve the puzzle.

Players can complete the torches puzzle with one of Genshin Impact\’s pyro characters. The two torches in the bottom-right corner of the puzzle, along with the two farthest to the left are the ones that need to be lit. The torches can be lit in any order, but players need to leave the center torch and the top-right one unlit. Once the correct torches are set aflame, players can claim their prizes.

There were many new features added to Genshin Impact 2.2, including unique world quests, new items, and puzzles for players to solve. The six torches puzzle isn\’t a particularly difficult one, but it can be challenging if players don\’t know where to look for the clue. Lighting the right torches will reward players with an Exquisite Chest, which holds an assortment of items. There are a few additional puzzles players can find and solve in the ruins beneath Shirikoro Peak.

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