Genshin Impact: How To Unlock The Unexpected Guest Quest

Genshin Impact Unexpected Guest Quest Rewards

Despite a delay, Genshin Impact 2.7 has finally arrived, bringing new playable characters like Yelan and Kuki Shinobu (set to release soon) and new quests. One of these is called \”The Unexpected Guest,\” a story quest that will move the Traveler further along one of the game\’s many narratives. This will see players returning to The Chasm, but in order to unlock \”The Unexpected Guest\” in Genshin Impact, some requirements must be met first.
As with many story quests, players will need story keys to unlock \”The Unexpected Guest.\” A story key can be earned by completing Daily Commissions and then collecting the reward from an Adventurers\’ Guild (the compass symbol on the map) in one of the various cities in-game. Players will need to do eight Daily Commissions (two days\’ worth) to exchange for a story key. Additionally, they\’ll need eight total story keys to get through the prerequisite quests and unlock \”The Unexpected Guest\” in Genshin Impact.

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Before getting to \”The Unexpected Guest\” quest, players must have completed the following quests in Genshin Impact:
Wherefore Did the Spiritstone DescendImperatrix Umbrosa Chapter: Act IITaurus Iracundus Chapter: Act I
To check to see how they\’ve progressed with these quests, players can look in the quest menu. \”The Unexpected Guest\” will appear in their log, but there will be a notification at the bottom that reads, \”Complete other quests to continue\” across a red bar. The quests that still need to be finished will appear in a small pop-up window so that users can easily see which requirements they still need to meet.

Genshin Impact: Rewards For Completing The Unexpected Guest Quest

Genshin Impact The Chasm Area

As with other Genshin Impact quests, players can earn numerous rewards by finishing up \”The Unexpected Guest.\” The rewards for completing this quest are:
500 Adventure Rank EXP22000 Mora2 Hero\’s Wit books4 Mystic Enhancement Ores
All of these rewards are nice in their own ways since players will need lots of Mora to level up in Genshin Impact, and raising Adventure Rank is vital to progressing through the content. Hero\’s Wit and Mystic Enhancement Ores are always useful for character progression, and every little bit helps.
As the latest story quest in Genshin Impact, many players will be trying to unlock \”The Unexpected Guest\” quest and finish it. More 2.7 content is on the horizon – with Kuki Shinobu arriving soon – and the Version 2.8 update will release in July. After that, the Version 3.0 update will introduce the Sumeru region and presumably a host of new playable characters.

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