Genshin Impact Hu Tao Banner Event Brings Back Thoma

An upcoming Genshin Impact banner event will see the return of the fiery warrior Thoma as a playable companion. The Pyro-powered manservant was featured as a non-player character in the storyline of the game\’s most recent update, Version 2.2. Genshin Impact\’s Version 2.2. update has set Thoma up to be a full-blown playable hero in a coming update, while also adding other features to the action role-playing game.

Genshin Impact Version 2.2 launched on October 12, and it brought with it an abundance of new content for players to enjoy. The update added a new region of Inazuma Island, the foggy island of Tsurumi, which contains its own set of new areas and rewards. Located on Tsurumi Island is Moshiri Kara, which players can venture through to earn special rewards by overcoming the creepy mansion grounds. Special new weapons were also included, such as the Polar Star Bow and Akuoumaru Claymore, along with new Rifthound enemies to fight. While the new Pyro hero was not made available at the launch of Version 2.2, Thoma\’s Banner release date has been established as November 2.

A Twitter post by Genshin Impact rings in the launch of Thoma\’s Banner event, \”Moment of Bloom,\” which introduces the fiery warrior to the game\’s roster. An introductory trailer titled Collected Miscellany was also posted to the Genshin Impact YouTube channel. The trailer describes how the outsider Thoma earned his place as a \”fixer\” in Inazuma, as well as explaining his need to defend his allies. The Pyro-type fighter uses a large polearm in battle, combining the two skills to perform area-of-effect attacks and create defensive barriers of flame. Thoma will be available through the \”Moment of Bloom\” event until November 23.

While Thoma is just now being made available in Genshin Impact, the action role-playing title\’s fanbase is already looking ahead to the future. Genshin Impact Version 2.3 is set to release on November 24, with the update set to introduce two new playable heroes. Gorou and Arataki, two rock-wielding Geo users from the island of Inazuma, have been revealed through the game\’s social media accounts. While the duo has not been confirmed to release as part of Version 2.3, it seems likely that they will both be released as part of Banner events during the period.

With a set of powerful Pyro abilities and a kindhearted personality, Thoma looks to be a perfect addition to Genshin Impact\’s ever-evolving cast of characters. The hot-blooded hero seems to combine area-of-effect attacks with defensive abilities, making him a valuable member of a balanced team. Fans have anticipated the character\’s arrival in Version 2.2, so now is every player\’s opportunity to get their hands on the blazing warrior.

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