Genshin Impact: Hydrological Investigation In The Chasm Quest Guide

Genshin Impact’s new region, The Chasm, offers a variety of quests for players to complete. Hydrological Investigation In The Chasm” is a World Quest located in the Underground Mines of The Chasm in Genshin Impact. This quest revolves around an item called the Strange Object.

The Strange Object is an item found from a Fishing point located in the lower section of the Underground Waterway. Once obtained, the Strange Object can be found in the player’s Inventory in the Quest tab. This item is required to begin the hidden World Quest given by the NPC Khedive.

In order to have access to this quest, players must first complete the third part of “The Chasm Delvers” quest. As obtaining this Strange Object requires Fishing, players will need to have unlocked the Serenitea Pot and have completed the World Quest “Exploding Population” which unlocks the Fishing Game System. When all these requirements have been met, players will be able to begin “Hydrological Investigation In The Chasm\” in Genshin Impact.

Genshin Impact: Strange Object Location For Hydrological Investigation In The Chasm

To find the fishing pond, players will need to use the Teleport Waypoint located south of The Chasm: Main Mining Area. Removing the Dark Mud in Genshin Impact may help players navigate more easily. From there, players must enter the hidden cave on the left and head up the rising rock pathway around the bend. There will be an entrance that leads to the hidden area underneath the Underground Waterway. Players may have to defeat the Shadowy Husk, Edgetho, to fish at the pond without interruption. The Strange Object will automatically appear after players have successfully caught a fish.

Genshin Impact: Where To Place The Strange Object In The Chasm

Depending on the player’s “The Chasm Delvers” progress, they will need to meet with Khedive either at the original camp in the Ad-Hoc Main Tunnel or in the camp to the right of The Glowing Narrows. After speaking to him, players must activate the Strange Object by placing it into the river located near the Teleport Waypoint between Ad-Hoc Main Tunnel and The Chasm: Main Mining Area. The offering area will be underneath the bridge at the base of a waterfall.

When the Strange Object is placed by the water, players will need to use an Elemental attack by one of Genshin Impact’s Hydro-users in order to activate it. A Hydro Vishap will appear. Once players defeat the Hydro Vishap, they will need to report back to Khedive to inform him of the events.

Genshin Impact: Hydrological Investigation In The Chasm Rewards

Upon completion of this quest, players will receive 250 Adventure EXP, 30 Primogems, and 90,000 Mora. If players have already completed “Mycological Investigation in The Chasm” and “Paleontological Investigation in The Chasm,” they will receive an Academia Recommendation Letter from Khedive. Should the Traveler encounter any trouble in Sumeru, they will be able to give the letter to The House of Purbiruni for aid. As this hints toward the addition of a new region soon, Genshin Impact players will be better prepared with the completion of this World Quest.

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