Genshin Impact introduced 120 FPS on selected iOS devices; Here's the complete list

Genshin Impact, the open-world action RPG game developed by miHoYo, became the top-grossing mobile game worldwide for the month of September 2021 by amassing $341.7 million in player spending. The developers have packed a surprise for the players with the release of patch 2.2 ‘Into the Perilous Labyrinth of Fog’. The latest version of Genshin Impact brings support for 120 fps on select iOS devices allowing players to experience the game in a much smoother manner even before the PC version of the game.

How to enable 120 FPS in Genshin Impact

  1. Open the Paimon menu from the top left corner of the screen.
  2. Go to Settings and head to the Graphics section
  3. Navigate to the FPS option and choose the 120 FPS option.
Image via miHoYo

How is the performance on 120 FPS

Early reviews of players running the game on 120 fps aren’t promising as the devices start to throttle and framerates drop. Continuous load on the processor raises the temperature and due to poor thermal performance, the device isn’t able to maintain high refresh rates.

As of now, the 120 FPS feature works when players open the menu and scroll through it. While exploring the open world, the frame rate will be restricted to 60 FPS.

The tradeoff between performance and higher refresh rate is quite evident, as currently the only way for travellers to enjoy 120 fps is to lower graphics settings to reduce the performance load. This way the performance load is on ‘Balanced’ while in contrast, keeping high graphics and 120 fps on simultaneously increases the performance load to ‘Overloaded’.

List of devices that currently support 120 FPS in Genshin Impact

  • iPhone 13 Pro
  • iPhone 13 Pro Max
  • iPad Pro 3rd Generation
  • iPad Pro 4th Generation 
  • iPad Pro 5th Generation

As of writing this article, the feature is not available for android devices but players can expect the feature to come for android in the near future.

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