Genshin Impact iPad Commercial Shows Someone Doing No Damage To A Boss

A new iPad commercial featuring Genshin Impact showcases a player doing no damage to an electric boss. Genshin Impact has a variety of bosses that require different teams to battle against. Depending on the characters used, this could mean having to form different strategies out of not using the same characters for each fight.

There are a lot of factors to consider in Genshin Impact’s combat to triumph over enemies. Team compositions need to be carefully constructed to include a main DPS, sub DPS, and possibly support units. Elemental resonance from using two characters of the same element is just one factor to consider when building teams, and several bosses are immune to the element that they possess. The thunder manifestation, for example, is immune to electric damage, being an electric enemy, meaning that characters like Raiden Shogun or the recently released Yae Miko are ill advised to use against it.

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But that didn’t stop the player in Apple\’s latest commercial for the iPad Air (via GameSpot), which showed someone using Raiden against the thunder manifestation. Every electric attack that hit was shown to be immune every time. A closer look at the team used in the commercial also shows Yae Miko, Keqing, and the traveler as their other team members, with three of those four members being electric units. While it’s not explicitly shown what element the traveler is in the commercial, that character does the potential to be an electric unit as well, so it’s possible that a whole team of electric units was used against this boss, which has caused the commercial to quickly gain notoriety among the Genshin Impact community.

Perhaps not coincidentally, at the time of this commercial’s release, Genshin Impact\’s latest summoning event features Raiden Shogun as the focus along with Sangonomiya Kokomi. Both summoning events also feature another electric character in Kujou Sara, as well as two pyro characters in Xinyan and Bennett. It’s possible that this commercial was made in promotion of the Raiden Shogun summoning event. Raiden Shogun’s first summoning event was the highest grossing banner in the game, even surpassing the game’s first event featuring Venti.

Given how popular Raiden Shogun is, this makes it unsurprising that she’d be featured in a gameplay reel of Genshin Impact. But perhaps having her face off against an electric enemy wasn’t the best way to showcase her abilities, as she\’s considered one of the strongest characters in Genshin Impact. Still, the circumstances in this commercial have proven to be humorous to fans, and perhaps that was the intention all along for this trailer.

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