Genshin Impact Irodori Poetry – Gains & Losses Poem Items & Locations Guide

The Irodori Poetry event in Genshin Impact allows players to earn numerous rewards, including Primogems and Mora. The first day, \”Irodori Poetry: Part 1,\” involves finding specialties themed around nostalgia for the poem \”Gains and Losses.\” Along the way, players must take photos to access more stanzas, so knowing where these items in Genshin Impact\’s Irodori Poetry event are located is a must.

The Irodori Festival in Genshin Impact 2.6 has been the latest limited-time event that adds in content daily. This is great because it allows players to chip away at the questline each day rather than rushing through it all at once. For players who get overwhelmed by the nearly constant stream of new content in Genshin Impact, it\’s also a bit of a reprieve. In order to participate in the \”Irodori Poetry – Part 1\” event, players must first have unlocked Inazuma and the ability to take photos, since this is a major part of the event\’s quests.

The first day of the event is called \”Irodori Poetry – Part 1\” and is based on the theme of \”Nostalgia.\” The poem itself is titled \”Gains and Losses\” and players must take photos to unlock stanzas. Each stanza serves as a clue, and players must find and take photos of these so-called specialties in order to advance through the poem. Each poem deals with the Five Kasen in Genshin Impact, so beyond rewards, there\’s also quite a bit of lore for players to enjoy. Once players have chosen to start with the \”Gains and Losses\” poem, which started being available on Day 1 of the event, they\’ll need to hunt down various items and materials.

Genshin Impact – \”Gains and Losses\” Poem Item Locations

These are the following items needed for photos in order to complete Part 1 of the Irodori Poetry event in Genshin Impact, as well as their locations:

Sakura Bloom – Grand Narukami ShrineDendrobium – Nazuchi Beach, near the Teleport WaypointAmakumo Fruit –  Seirai Island, near the Teleport waypointNaku Weed – Grand Narukami Shrine or Seirai IslandFluorescent Fungus – Mt. Kanna on Tsurumi IslandSea Ganoderma – Watatsumi Island, slightly east of the Teleport WaypointOnikabuto – Kannazuka, in the Tatarasuna areaSango Pearl – Watatsumi Island

When undertaking the \”Gains and Losses\” part of the Irodori Poetry event, players will need to take photos in Genshin Impact of each so-called specialty to gain inspiration. The poem itself is themed around nostalgia, so it\’s somewhat fitting getting to revisit locations around Inazuma before the Sumeru nation arrives in the 3.0 update. The rewards that come through completing this Genshin Impact event, including Primogems, are also a nice bonus.

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