Genshin Impact Irodori Poetry: Part 1 Quest Guide

\”Irodori Poetry: Part I\” is an event-related quest in Genshin Impact that requires the Traveler to take several photos of specialties within Inazuma. Players can begin the challenge by opening the Events Overview screen and selecting the Event Details button within the \”Hues of the Violet Garden.\” Players can click or tap on the first option, \”Moon and Stars Inscribe,\” which features a Genshin Impact painting of a tipsy Venti dozing on a table. The screen for \”Irodori Poetry: Part I\” will open, and players can choose \”Go to Quest\” to begin tracking the Event Quest.

Players should keep in mind that in order to unlock the quest, \”Irodori Poetry: Part I,\” Teyvat adventurers will need to complete \”Ritou Escape Plan,\” the third part of the Adventure Rank 30 Archon Quests, \”Chapter II: Act I – The Immovable God and the Eternal Euthymia.\” Furthermore, \”The Strange Tale of Suikou\’s Tipsy Tincture\” must also be fulfilled to gain access to the \”Moon and Stars Inscribe.\” Players are also recommended to finish the available Story Quests for Ayato, Raiden, and Kokomi. Yet, these are only related to the player\’s immersion and aren\’t required to proceed with \”Irodori Poetry.\”

To get started, Travelers should head to the western port in Ritou, Inazuma, and speak with Ootomo and Lenne, a bard from Mondstadt. After exhausting dialogue with the duo, Genshin Impact players will be tasked with taking \”4 photos of Inazuman regional specialties related to the theme.\” Bear in mind that the photos must be captured via the game\’s Photo Mode. Using the Kamera or Special Kamera isn\’t necessary for \”Irodori Poetry: Part I.\”

How To Complete Irodori Poetry: Part 1 In Genshin Impact

Inazuma specialties include Sakura Bloom, Dendrobium, Onikabuto, Naku Weed, Amakumo Fruit, Sea Ganoderma, Fluorescent Fungus, Sango Pearl, and Crystal Marrow. Players can snapshot four of any of these different items to complete the quest. Photos can be taken in any order and do not require any special conditions, except for the object being visually in the photograph.

Those struggling with finding four Inazuma specialties for the Irodori Poetry event in Genshin Impact can visit the following recommended locations: First, fast travel to the Waypoint north of Konda Village on Narukami Island. Go to the beaches in the northwest to discover several Sea Ganoderma. Next, head to the teleporter south of Byakko Plain. Go slightly north of the fork on the main trail to find Sakura Bloom. Afterward, travel to the Waypoint at the center of Sangonomiya Shrine on Watatsumi Island. From here, players can glide northward to a short waterfall to locate several Sango Pearls. Finally, go to the Waypoint east of Chirai Shrine on Tsurumi Island to find Fluorescent Fungi growing at the base of nearby trees. Return to Lenne and Ootomo to complete the \”Irodori Poetry: Part I\” event quest in Genshin Impact.

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