Genshin Impact Irodori Poetry: Part 2 Quest Guide

\”Irodori Poetry: Part 2\” serves as the second quest for Genshin Impact\’s \”The Moon and Stars Inscribe\” of the \”Hues of the Violet Garden\” event. This particular event challenge tasks the Traveler with an assignment similar to \”Irodori Poetry: Part 1\” regarding photography in Inazuma. Naturally, players will need to have completed Part 1 to access this quest, which can be commenced directly after concluding its prerequisite.

Instead of snapshotting the flora in the Inazuma region of Genshin Impact, \”Irodori Poetry: Part 2\” requires Travelers to take photos of the fauna indigenous to the region. There are currently seventeen known Inazuman creatures that players capture with their Photo Mode lense to complete the quest. To get started, they must speak again with Ootomo near the western docks in Ritou. Bear in mind that those who\’ve just completed the previous mission will need to Wait until in-game morning – between 8:00 to 12:00 – for Part 2 to become available.

After exhausting the Ootomo and Lenne\’s dialogue, Genshin Impact players in Inazuma can begin their journey of capturing four photos of the different wildlife in Inazuma. Nevertheless, this task might prove to be somewhat tricky, depending on the creatures the player chooses to find. Unlike plants, most animals will flee from the Traveler and their companions if they get too close. However, having Aloy or Sayu in one\’s party can help prevent players from startling the creatures, thanks to their passive abilities. Still, animals are sometimes located in areas patrolled by hostile enemies, which can make the photography process demanding.

How To Complete Irodori Poetry Part 2 In Genshin Impact

To complete \”Irodori Poetry: Part 2\” in Genshin Impact, players can take a picture of any animal unique to Inazuma, including insects and even fish. Inazuman creatures include Crows, General Crabs, Pale Red Crabs, Sunset Loaches, Sunny Loaches, Pith Lizards, Violet Ibis, Kitsune, Red-Finned Unagi, Adorned Unagi, Gray Snow Cats, Electro Crystalflies, Bake-Danukis, Glaze Medakas, Lunged Sticklebacks, Purple Shirakodai, and Raimei Angelfish.

Anyone having trouble finding the correct animals in Inazuma is recommended to visit the following locations to complete the event challenge in Genshin Impact: First, players should travel to the Waypoint by Konda Village in Narukami and check the roadside statues nearby to discover several Kitsune. Next, they can go to the teleporter south of Byakko Plain and head westward to the shoreline. Players should be able to find one or two General Crabs scuttling about the beach. Afterward, fast travel to the Kujou Encampment and explore the southwestern shores to discover several Violet Ibis. Finally, Travelers can visit the Asase Shrine to find several wild Inazuman Cats to complete this Genshin Impact quest. If the cats do not spawn, players can also snapshot nearby Electro Crystalflies.

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