Genshin Impact: Is Paimon Really The Unknown God?

Genshin Impact has a universe full of mysteries and even the characters closest to the player are enigmatic, including Paimon, who shares some curious similarities with the antagonistic Unknown God. Paimon may be the self-proclaimed best friend of the game\’s protagonist, but there are enough unknown variables to cast suspicion upon her. For how much time players spend with the Genshin Impact mascot, they know almost nothing about her origins. There is no official confirmation, but there is a possibility that Paimon could be the Unknown God herself, or at least related to her.

The link between Paimon and the Unknown God begins with their first appearances to the player. The two have many visual similarities with both each other and the strange, magical structures seen across Genshin Impact\’s world of Teyvat. The title screen is the same cloudy plane seen in the opening cutscene, where the Unknown God appears.

Players still don\’t know exactly what or where that place is, but it is where the Traveler begins their journey. Two shooting stars sail across Teyvat, presumably the twin Travelers, before they are seen standing on a stone path through the sky surrounded by towering pillars. They planned to keep traveling to other worlds, but the Unknown God appears and separates the siblings, triggering the start of the adventure in Genshin Impact. Since then, who the Unknown God is – or what her real name is – has remained a mystery.

Paimon & The Unknown God Are Connected To Genshin Impact\’s Title Screen

This area in the clouds could be specifically linked to Genshin Impact\’s world of Teyvat, rather than wherever the Traveler hails from. When the Unknown God appears to them here, she refers to the siblings as \”outlanders\”. Paimon, too, seems to be a resident of Teyvat, and perhaps specifically a denizen of the sky. Some of the stone pillars in the clouds have crown-like blooms on their tops and bottoms, which is the same design as the metallic cuffs on Paimon\’s clothing.

As the player\’s guide, she has knowledge of the world that would typically be associated with a longer-lived being, rather than a little girl. It\’s unlikely that Paimon is the age that she appears, though. She seems to be some sort of fairy or even one of Genshin Impact\’s gods or Archons, as she freely floats around and can appear and disappear with ease. Her ability to flow through space is very similar to the Unknown God.

Genshin Impact\’s Unknown God & Paimon Have Beyond-Mortal Abilities

Genshin Impact\’s Unknown God proclaims that she\’s a defender of the world\’s \”Heavenly Principles\” and refuses to let mankind tread upon the gods\’ territory, which seems to include hopping between worlds. Humans like the Traveler aren\’t welcome in this place in the sky, so it\’s possible that this area is related to the gods\’ land of Celestia that floats above Teyvat. In that case, it\’s likely that Paimon is some sort of god, too – but which one?

Paimon shares some physical similarities with the Unknown God, such as their white hair, outfit, and gender. Paimon has a scarf that shines with blue stars, while the Unknown God wears a whispy cape shimmering with red stars. Paimon\’s hairpin showcased on Genshin Impact\’s game icon is the same star shape as the distortions in space that the Unknown God appears from, and the two characters both have gilded accessories and a darker cowl or scarf around their shoulders.


The Unknown God of Genshin Impact fights with power that manifests as red cubes, suitable for a being obsessed with maintaining order down to the perfect shape of her spells. In Paimon\’s defense, she is not a very orderly being. Her magics feature stars and constellations of varying shapes, free of restrictions. Based on this, it certainly seems like the two entities may be different.

Genshin Impact\’s Paimon Could Be Pretending, But It Seems Unlikely

Paimon is definitely a weird being of chaos. She loves human pleasure like food and treasure and first appears to the Traveler by being fished out of the water, and doesn\’t seem interested in things like upholding the Heavenly Principles. If Genshin Impact\’s Paimon is the Unknown God, she\’s doing a good job at pretending she\’s not (or has a bad case of amnesia). It\’s more likely that she could be an entity that contains a fragment of her power, considering her little size compared to the Unknown God\’s stature.

Blue starry space appears to generally be associated with Genshin Impact\’s Abyss and the Abyss Order, which is an organization that stands opposed to the gods. The Abyss may not be an ally of the Traveler but is an enemy of the gods, and this could include the Unknown God. If Paimon is of the Abyss, her guidance could be the result of the \”enemy of her enemy is her friend\” mentality.

Paimon\’s namesake, though, casts doubt upon her once again. In real-world myth, Paimon is the name of a king of hell, and demons aren\’t typically associated with being good friends. It is worth noting however that the past Electro Archon\’s name, Baal, is also the name of a demon, and so is Raiden Shogun, Beelzebul. Both Barbatos and Morax are names of demons as well. If gods typically share the names of demons, it makes it even more likely that Paimon is a god.

Each Genshin Impact Archon & Paimon Might Not Be What They Seem

In Genshin Impact, the player chooses one of the two Travelers to play as, and the other is taken away by the Unknown God and goes missing. When they are finally reunited, the lost sibling has become the leader of the Abyss Order for reasons still unknown. It does feel appropriate for the player\’s sibling in Genshin Impact, a being very angelic in appearance, to be opposed to gods named after demons. Gods and the Heavenly Principles were also responsible for the complete destruction of the ancient human civilization of Khaenri\’ah.

There are some very negative things associated with the gods as a whole, and the Unknown God seems to be the culmination of the laws that guide them. The Archons that the Traveler considers friends have a dark and violent past, and players still do not know the exact details. The Traveler\’s sibling likely has some valid reasons to fight against Celestia. With this in mind, the idea of Paimon having a darker past fits this theme.

Genshin Impact\’s storyline still has a long way to go before reaching the end. The Traveler\’s angel-like sibling urges the player to continue and complete their journey so they can find the truth of the world of Tevyat. Even if Paimon isn\’t the Unknown God, the connotations of a demon god following the player around are ominous. Nothing is confirmed at this time, but future Genshin Impact updates will eventually reveal the truth regarding Paimon\’s and the Unknown God\’s true identities.

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