Genshin Impact: Kabayama Ghost Puzzle Solution

Some of the most intriguing experiences in Genshin Impact are the hidden objectives found by exploring the environment, and one such secret quest is Kabayama\’s \”Sitting Stones\” puzzle in Enkanomiya. To begin this HEO (Hidden Exploration Objective), players will need to start from the central Waypoint at Dainichi Mikoshi. From the towering structure with the artificial sun, they should travel to the northeast side of Genshin Impact\’s Enkanomiya island, staying near the surrounding wall. They will want to continue circling the tower while looking for a hollow, vertical space leading into the wall.

Once players spot the opening, they can enter a hidden room that is seemingly empty and pointless. However, if they go further into the back, Genshin Impact fans will see a small yet distinct rock with a black, flat surface. Approaching the stone will prompt the player to sit; when they do, a ghost named Kabayama will suddenly appear. After a bit of dialogue, Kabayama will task the player with traveling to three of his favorite \”sitting spots\” across Enkanomiya.

The first spot in Kabayama\’s Genshin Impact puzzle is, \”beneath a stone gate at the highest point in The Narrows.\” Another is, \”an open space surrounded by corals near the Evernight Temple\” in Genshin Impact. The third spot is beside the towering ruins at the Serpent\’s Heart. As this is a hidden objective and not an official quest, players will not have any markers to guide them to each of the spots. However, Kabayama discloses that he left markings on every area and even hung lanterns nearby as visual hints. Travelers will need to find and sit at all three of the Sitting Spots to solve Kabayama\’s puzzle.

All Kabayama Sitting Stones in Genshin Impact\’s Enkanomiya Area

To find the first sitting spot in Genshin Impact\’s Enkanomiya area, the Traveler must access the central Waypoint at The Narrows and head directly north. After some climbing, they will reach a broken gate at the top of the slanted plateau. The lantern hanging on the pillar to the right will indicate that the Sitting Spot is there.

To find the next Sitting Spot, players should reach the centermost Waypoint at Evernight Temple and head slightly southwest toward a point at which several cliffs converge. Near some glowing trunks jutting from the ground, Genshin Impact fans can spot a lantern near a ridge, hanging over a flat-surfaced rock, perfect for sitting.

Finally, players can travel to the central Waypoint of the Serpent\’s Heart and look directly north to see a short plateau with a lone tree holding a lantern from the tip of its trunk. The Traveler should sit on the stone beneath and then return to Kabayama to be rewarded with the Genshin Impact achievement \”What Difference Does This Make?\” and a Precious Chest full of loot.

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