Genshin Impact: Kamisato Ayato Character Details and Skills Revealed

With the character\’s imminent Genshin Impact arrival right around the corner, developer HoYoverse (formerly miHoYo) has shared fresh details about Kamisato Ayato. The first Genshin Impact Banner for Kamisato Ayato will go live with the advent of Version 2.6, which presently lacks a firm due date but is expected to launch before the end of this month. HoYoverse confirmed the Hydro user\’s imminent arrival in a recent broadcast. Notably, Ayato\’s debut Banner, known as Azure Excursion, will run alongside Venti\’s second rerun Banner.

To the delight of fans, HoYoverse lifted the lid on Genshin Impact Update 2.6 late last week in a Special Program. The broadcast provided an overview for the Hues of the Violent Garden main event, for example. Last week\’s stream also confirmed the return of Theater Mechanicus, an event that previously appeared on two separate occasions – the Lantern Rite festival in 1.3 and in Version 2.0\’s Inazuma region. Genshin Impact\’s long-awaited Chasm location finally received a much-needed breakdown, as well. Of course, there\’s still plenty to learn about what awaits players in Version 2.6.

In a post on HoYolab, developer HoYoverse outlined Kamisato Ayato\’s character background and skills. Described as a cultured young man, Ayato serves as the accomplished Head of the Yashiro Commission\’s Kamisato Clan. Ayato is more than a noble house leader and famous face in Inazuma, though; he\’s also an incredibly skilled Hydro user who can wield the power of Shunsuiken to deal devastating AoE attacks. In terms of talents, the character can let loose quick-fire normal attacks and stamina-consuming charged blows. But his ability to enter the Takimeguri Kanka state counts as his most impressive combat advantage. In this state, Kamisato Ayato\’s talents shine as he delivers \”blindingly fast attacks\” that convert normal attack damage into AoE hydro damage.

It stands to reason Genshin Impact players will not have to wait too much longer to test Ayato\’s skills for themselves. Typically, HoYoverse deploys a new content update every six weeks or so, meaning Version 2.6 should arrive before this month\’s end. At the time of writing, however, the development team has yet to confirm its release plans for the eagerly-anticipated content rollout.

In addition to Kamisato Ayato\’s upcoming Banner, the next major update will also allow users to finally explore The Chasm. The multi-part locale boasts several points of interest, along with Domains for new Genshin Impact Artifacts. Those who explore The Chasm\’s upper and lower levels can also expect to step into the Abyss Order\’s realm of influence yet again.

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