Genshin Impact Kazuha Story Quest Guide: How to unlock, complete, Rewards and more

Genshin Impact Version 2.8 brings the long-awaited rerun of everyone’s favorite lone samurai Kaedehara Kazuha along with his story added to the game. In this Genshin Impact guide, we will give you a complete walkthrough of Kazuha Story Quest and how to unlock the quest and rewards.

How to unlock the Kazuha Story Quest in Genshin Impact

  1. Players must be adventure rank 40 or above.
  2. Completion of omnipresence over mortals archon quest.
  3. Completion of Imperatrix umbrosa Act I a.k.a Raiden’s story arc.
  4. 1x story key (can be obtained by completing 8 daily commissions)

Kazuha’s story quest is further divided into 3 arcs follow the steps given below to complete the quest!

Upon a plain, a purple shadow (Arc – 1)

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  • Head towards Byakko plain to start the quest.
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  • After fighting with the stranger Teleport to Ritou and look for Kazuha.
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  • Go to tenryou commission headquarters (enter the headquarters), upon entering you’ll trigger a cutscene.

Arc 1 quest rewards 

  1. Hero’s wit x 4
  2. Adventurer’s Exp x 475
  3. Mora x 31125
  4. Mystic Enhancement ore x 7

Through the mist, a name unveiled (Arc – 2)

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  • Go near the blacksmith in Inazuma and ask Ryuuji for information.
  • Ask Amenoma Tougo for Information about the blacksmith’s shop.
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  • Go to the Nagato household and find out what happened.
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  • Teleport near the warehouse where the fire broke out.
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  • Follow the scent and look for more clues.
  • Defeat the Hilichurls and keep following the scent.
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  • Defeat the attacker.

Arc 2 quest rewards 

  1. Hero’s wit x 5
  2. Adventurer’s Exp x 675
  3. Mora x 44000
  4. Mystic Enhancement ore x 10

Ere the End, a glance back (Arc – 3) 

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  • Go to the blade testing venue.
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  • Defeat the enemies.
  • After defeating the enemies, interact with Kazuha and let the cursed blade fulfill its wish.
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  • Return to Amenoma smithy.

Arc 3 quest rewards 

  1. Primogem x 575
  2. Hero’s wit x 60
  3. Mora x 38100
  4. Adventurer’s Exp x 575
  5. Mystic Enhancement ore x 8
  6. Guide to diligence x 5

Players will also get the 4-star cursed blade Kagotsurube Isshin that was featured in the story quest.

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