Genshin Impact Key Sigil Locations: Where to find, uses and more

Genshin Impact has a new region added with the Version 2.4 Update. Players have entered Enkanomiya, the mysterious, submerged realm around Watatsumi Island’s big whirlpool. However, Enkanomiya holds a charm of its own. With islands floating in fog, windblown meadows, and a giant glowing tower in the distance, it is similar to Sky: Children of the Light, as many have noted. The new Key Sigil puzzles, along with Whitenight and Evernight have allowed players to discover many secrets. If players want to explore Genshin Impact to the fullest, they will need to find every Enkanomiya Sigil Key. In this article, we will find the Key Sigil locations in Genshin Impact, where to find them, and more.

Genshin Impact: Key Sigil and their locations

Within one of Inazuma’s bowls lies Enkanomiya, an abandoned land that’s been hidden for centuries. Players can alter the world through Whitelight and Evernight switches they’ll find while exploring. By switching from night to day, players will be able to solve puzzles on the map. Throughout Enkanomiya, players will come across Key Sigils floating around. In the world of Genshin Impact, they’re similar to Electroculus from other regions.

Key Sigils: The need to unlock

The first step in unlocking the Enkanomiya Sigil Keys in Genshin Impact is to unlock access to Enkanomiya. Players will need an Adventure Rank of 30 or higher to do so. Additionally, the player must accomplish the Archon Quest, Omnipresence Over Mortals, as well as the two World Quests, Moon-Bathed Deep and The Still Water’s Flow.

Key Sigils in Genshin Impact (Image via Genshin Impact)

To find Enkanomiya, players will have to jump into a portal on Watatsumi Island. However, this will only be a one-way trip. For players to leave Enkanomiya, they must teleport to another location. The Key Sigils are not all immediately available. One needs to complete the area’s quests to access some of them. When they collect all the Key Sigils, they will receive an achievement and a few primogems. In this guide, we have compiled all the details of Genshin Impact Key Sigils locations for you, so that you can find any you may be missing.

Key Sigils: Locations

Key sigils in Genshin Impact (Image via WarbyGaming)

To unlock the Enkanomiya Key Sigils, players must explore, solve puzzles, and complete quests in Genshin Impact, to discover all fifty-nine sigils. Here is our interactive list of all Key Sigil locations.

1. Yachimatahime Region

Sr. No. Region Key Sigil Locations
1 Yachimatahime The player will need to unlock Teleport Waypoints around the area. You will find it near a wall with stacked candles below the edge of the window.
2 Yachimatahime The player needs to unlock Teleport Waypoints around the area. This is located on top of a building outside in the open near candles.
3 Yachimatahime The player has to climb up to get to it, which is located above a Ruined Building.
4 Yachimatahime There is a small island near the Teleport Waypoint with this building, out in the open. It’s on the right below the arch.

2. Vishap Research Lab

Sr. No. Region Key Sigil Locations
1 Vishap Research Lab Located near the wall of a building.
2 Vishap Research Lab At the edge of Secret Island, floating in the open.

3. The Narrows

Image via WarbyGaming
Sr. No. Region Key Sigil Locations
1 The Narrows Close to the bushes.
2 The Narrows Above the ruins, floating outside.
3 The Narrows This is the area near the Library before the player opens the Triangle Mechanism.
4 The Narrows Underground, floating over a Seelie.
5 The Narrows Located on the roof of a building.
6 The Narrows Located on top of a tree.
7 The Narrows In the secret Library of the Narrows. This library can only be accessed after completing the quest ‘Collections of Dragons and Snakes’.
8 The Narrows This key is located near the 13th Key Sigil in the secret library. To access this library, the player must complete the quest ”Collections of Dragons and Snakes.”
9 The Narrows Above the ruins on Dainichi Mikoshi Island.
10 The Narrows At a treasure chest during the Subterranean Trials of Drake and Serpent.
11 The Narrows Located above the tree.
12 The Narrows Atop a pillar by the Teleport Waypoint.
13 The Narrows Located near the base of a ruined pillar.
14 The Narrows Outside of Hilichurl Enemies.
15 The Narrows Atop a ruined pillar.

4. Dainichi Mikoshi

Image via WarbyGaming
Sr. No. Region Key Sigil Locations
1 Dainichi Mikoshi At the top of a broken pillar near the Teleport Waypoint.
2 Dainichi Mikoshi Located nearby the Teleport Waypoint.
3 Dainichi Mikoshi Near the Teleport Waypoint, on a square column.
4 Dainichi Mikoshi Located on top of a white tree near the Teleport Waypoint.
5 Dainichi Mikoshi On the west side of the Teleport Waypoint.
6 Dainichi Mikoshi Atop a tall pillar.
7 Dainichi Mikoshi Under a bridge.
8 Dainichi Mikoshi Atop a pillar.
9 Dainichi Mikoshi Near the Teleport Waypoint, over a square column.
10 Dainichi Mikoshi Floating on a small island. Using an Enkanomiya Phase Gate will allow the player to reach your destination quickly!

5. Evernight Temple

Image via WarbyGaming
Sr. No. Region Key Sigil Locations
1 Evernight Temple Located under the puzzle in the Date’s Challenge quest.
2 Evernight Temple Near the Teleport Waypoint.
3 Evernight Temple Near some candles.
4 Evernight Temple Located on top of a white tree near the Teleport Waypoint.
5 Evernight Temple On the west side of the Teleport Waypoint.
6 Evernight Temple Near white tree roots.
7 Evernight Temple With a lantern, under the roots of a tree.
8 Evernight Temple Located on the ruins of a building.
9 Evernight Temple Jump from the cliff and go up into the deepest part of the tower to find it.
10 Evernight Temple Located behind the barrier.
11 Evernight Temple Atop a pillar on the branch close to the Teleport Waypoint
12 Evernight Temple Located east of the Teleport Waypoint, atop a pillar.

6. Serpent’s Heart

Image via WarbyGaming
Sr. No. Region Key Sigil Locations
1 Serpent’s Heart Climb up a tree to get to it.
2 Serpent’s Heart To get the sigil, climb up to the top of the tree.
3 Serpent’s Heart The path entrance is at the top, and the player has to climb the side to reach it.
4 Serpent’s Heart Teleport to the small, lone island and climb up the pillar-like tower until the player finds the sigil at the top.
5 Serpent’s Heart On a fountain located nearby the Teleport Waypoint.
6 Serpent’s Heart Take the path down to the northwest side of the island, where the player will find two Pyro Whopper Flowers.
7 Serpent’s Heart From the edge, drop down to get the sigil.
8 Serpent’s Heart Glide towards the edge until the player sees the ruins.
9 Serpent’s Heart Get the Key Sigil by falling down and gliding towards the waterfalls nearby from the Teleport Waypoint on the main island.
10 Serpent’s Heart From the Teleport Waypoint, the player can drop down towards it or go west and exit the cave.
11 Serpent’s Heart Near the Teleport Waypoint, the player will find a Thunderhelm Lawachurl with a large hole. As the player approaches the hole, you will see a sigil floating in the middle.
12 Serpent’s Heart Head southward until the player sees the sigil on top of the pillar after he reaches the Teleport Waypoint.
13 Serpent’s Heart The player needs to go south of Mist Flowers, near the cave. The player will find the Phase Gate on the left.
14 Serpent’s Heart A player can glide down from the Teleport Waypoint to the edge. The Key Sigil is on the wall.

With the help of Genshin Impact Key Sigils, players can uncover Enkanomiya’s secrets. This will help players complete their missions in the new region. With our help, players will be able to look out for all the key sigils in Genshin Impact.

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