Genshin Impact: Kujou Sara's Best Character Builds Explained

The Tengu Warrior, Kujou Sara, is a new 4-star character in Genshin Impact\’s Version 2.1 update, and there are several effective build options for players lucky enough to pull her. Kujou Sara – along with Baal, Xiangling, and Sucrose – will have an increased rate-up as promotional characters during the Reign of Serenity Banner. For players looking to optimize Kujou Sara in battle, here are the best Artifacts and weapons for her.

Kujou Sara is an Electro elemental user similar to the Raiden Shogun (Baal) in Genshin Impact. She wields a bow in battle and her main focus is to simultaneously deal damage to enemies while offering support to allies, which makes her an excellent support DPS. If players are searching for an offensive supporter within a team, then Kujou Sara is a character to consider.

Kujou Sara\’s Elemental Skill and Burst inflicts AOE Electro damage to enemies, but can also increase allies\’ ATK. As a support DPS, players should focus on increasing Sara\’s Elemental Recharge in order to use her Elemental Burst more frequently. Her overall damage output is also very important in battle, which is why players should consider using weapons and Artifacts in Genshin Impact that increases her ATK, CRIT rate, and CRIT damage.

Genshin Impact: Kujou Sara\’s Best Artifacts & Weapons Explained

The best Artifacts for Kujou Sara come from the four-piece Emblem of Severed Fate set because she relies on Energy Recharge to offer support for her allies. With two pieces equipped, Energy Recharge increases by 20%, while having four pieces equipped will increase Kujou Sara\’s Elemental Burst damage by 25% off of her Energy Recharge stats. An alternative Artifact set players can use is the Noblesse Oblige. Having two pieces equipped will increase Elemental Burst damage by 20%, and equipping four pieces of the Noblesse Oblige set will grant a 20% ATK boost to all allies.

One of the best weapons in Genshin Impact for Kujou Sara is the Amos\’ Bow. The bow will increase Normal and Charged attack damage by 12% and will further increase damage by 8% every 0.1 seconds the arrow fired is in the air. The Amos\’ Bow will also increase base ATK stats by 608, which scales with Kujou Sara\’s ATK buff from her Talents. The Skyward Harp is another great option as it offers the highest base ATK while increasing her CRIT rate by 22.1%. If players do not have the 5-star bows, alternative weapons like the Blackcliff Warbow or the Favonious Warbow will strengthen Kujou Sara\’s role as a support DPS.

Players will need to balance Kujou Sara\’s Energy Recharge and ATK stats. Her role is to provide support for other characters in Genshin Impact, while also dealing damage to enemies in the process. Players cannot fully take advantage of her Talents if her Energy Recharge is too low, but damage output will decrease if her ATK and CRIT stats aren\’t high enough. An ideal Energy Recharge stat for Kujou Sara is around 200% and once it\’s over that level, players can concentrate on increasing her ATK and CRIT statuses. With the right build and types of equipment, Kujou Sara can be a strong asset to teams.

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