Genshin Impact: Labyrinth Warriors Guide (Trial 1)

Genshin Impact\’s newest event, Labyrinth Warriors, features five installments that put players through a series of rooms and floors that can be explored for additional rewards. The event began on Oct. 21, 2021, and from that day, a new installment is released every three days. This event is a plot-driven addition to Genshin Impact that many fans feel makes up for the Spiral Abyss domain.

Additionally, Genshin Impact: Labyrinth Warrior introduces new mechanics that enhance gameplay by providing new means to attack and combo enemies. These enemies can be challenging for the unprepared as the recommended level is 85. Before beginning, players must reach at least Genshin Impact Adventure Rank 30. Furthermore, the Inazuma Archon Quests have to be completed as well, taking players through all of Archon Quest Chapter II, until the last quest called \”Wishes\” is finished.

While traversing through the domain and fighting various enemies, be sure to explore every room for hidden chests and currencies. The currencies for Labyrinth Warriors are Aged Tokens, Damaged Replicas, and Battered Shikifuda. These three currencies can be exchanged for prizes in the Event Shop, for Charm Magic Upgrades, and Charm Re-draws, respectively. They can also be earned by completing the various challenges.

Genshin Impact: Labyrinth Warriors Guide (The Ominous Demesne)

The Ominous Demesne is the first Trial of the Labyrinth Warriors event. This Trial takes place across two floors, costs 1800 Aged Tokens, and the first clear rewards include Hero\’s Wit x3 and Mora x30,000. Additionally, another reward is a constellation for Genshin Impact\’s Xinyan character. This event also has no co-op mode, but the only requirement to complete a floor is by defeating the Decisive Emplacement boss. Other Emplacement rooms can be skipped if they aren\’t blocking the main passageway.

Shikfudas are single-use talismans that grant the part high-damaging abilities. Before the Trial begins, players select three Shikifuda, which cannot be changed after the Trial has begun. There are three types of Shikfuda, and nine in total, but only one can be summoned at a time of the same type. Two different types of Shikfuda can be used simultaneously if they aren\’t the same type. These boosts provide massive benefits in the form of area-of-effect damage, restoration, or active character stat boosts.

These are the nine Shikfuda players can use in Genshin Impact: Labyrinth Warriors:

Seal of Fierce Flame: Active character deals +60% DMG and takes +20% DMG inside area of effect for 12s.Seal of Flashing Lightning: Active character’s Elemental Skill/Burst CD -10%, party regens 4 Energy every 3s for 12s.Seal of Cataclysmic Wind: Active character +10% bonus ATK SPD, +10% bonus Movement SPD, and extra jump height in the area of effect for 12s.Streamsurge Summoning: Deals area of effect Hydro damage every 2s for 6s. Additionally, deals area of effect Hydro DMG and bubble-traps 3 small/medium opponents, decreasing their healing, upon destruction.Snowstorm Summoning: Deals area of effect Cryo damage every 2s for 8s. Decreases enemy Physical and Elemental RES by 20% for 10s upon contact.Strixwind Summoning: Pulls surrounding opponents for 6s. Deals area of effect Anemo damage & launches opponents upon destruction.Ensorcelled Waters: Restores 4,000 HP to current party members, regens 800 HP and 20 Stamina every 1s for 5s.Bedrock: Increases active character’s interruption to resistance and decreases damage taken by 50% for 12s.Thunder Orb: Deals area of effect Electro damage. Generates 2 Elemental Particles, for a max of 6 Particles, for every opponent hit.

Emplacements are the interactive icon that needs to be activated by the player to battle, update their party, or receive Charms. All trial rooms have one Emplacement, and they are identified by their distinct sword pattern. As players progress further into the Domain, the Genshin Impact map will light up with icons indicative of anticipated and discovered Emplacements. Completing an Emplacement interaction darkens their circular emblem on the map.

Genshin Impact: Labyrinth Warriors Guide (Emplacements)

Genshin Impact Labyrinth Warriors Guide Emplacements

Completing Emplacement challenges and drawing Charms unlocks the door to the next room in Genshin Impact: Labrinth Warriors. While additional playthroughs can be completed, all Treasure Emplacements, Common Chests, and Damaged Replicas will not respawn in another playthrough after they are found the first time. Any missing treasure may be found during another playthrough or by revisiting a room before the Decisive Emplacement is completed.

These are the different types of Emplacements in Genshin Impact: Labyrinth Warriors:

Arrayed Emplacement: Defeat all opponents and draw a Charm.Ferocious Emplacement: Defeat all opponents and draw a Charm.Decisive Emplacement: Defeat a boss opponent and draw a Charm.Curative Emplacement: Heal or revive all party members in Combat and Support and/or change party configurations.Charm Emplacement: No battle. Draw a Charm.

Additionally, there are several traps hidden throughout the Domain in Genshin Impact: Labyrinth Warriors. These traps are difficult to discover before triggering them, and they can range from wall fixtures shooting projectile lightning to loose platforms falling from above. The wall fixtures, along with Electro-imbued floor panels, are pretty easy to spot, but only when the camera is in the right direction. The crushing debris shows almost no warning being activated, and Cursed Fields are slightly darker ground squares hiding explosives that are nearly impossible to see in shaded areas. Likewise, Cursed Seals are hard to spot in the darker areas of the domain.

Lastly, there are two forms of charm enhancements in Genshin Impact: Labyrinth Warriors called Charm Magic and Charms, both of which players are hoping will come to Genshin Impact\’s main game permanently. Charm Magic are long-term buffs that are applied after a Trial is completed. New Charm Magic options are available each time a new Trial is released. Their benefits are innate to Shiki Taishou, and these buffs range from environmental effects to increasing the power of other active benefits. For example, these buffs can increase the chances of pulling high-level trial Charms.

Genshin Impact: Labyrinth Warriors Guide (Charms & Magic Charms)

Genshin Impact: Labyrinth Warriors Curative Emplacement

Charms are gathered by defeating all opponents in Emplacement challenges and have short-term lifespans in Genshin Impact: Labyrinth Warriors. Completing the Arrayed, Ferocious, and Decisive Emplacements allows players to draw a Charm. Charm Emplacements give them away for free, but there is a risk for negative consequences on the party through activating Cursed Seals instead.

Cursed Seals sometimes replace drawn Charms in Genshin Impact: Labyrinth Warriors, or afflict certain party members after stumbling over a trap. The Cursed Seal duration extends for the entirety of the trial unless a counteractive Blessed Charm dismisses the effect. Additionally, the three categories of Charms are Exploration, Character, and Shikifuda, with different rarities, at Common, Uncommon, and Rare, and they are deleted after a trial is completed or restarted.

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