Genshin Impact Leak Details Yelan, Heizou, Ayato & More

Genshin Impact leak hints at several new characters who may be joining the game\’s roster in the near future. miHoYo\’s beloved action role-playing game features an ever-evolving cast of playable characters, with new heroes unlocked through a gacha vending machine system. New heroes are always an exciting addition for fans, with Genshin Impact character leaks often predicting who will be added in the title\’s next update.

Through post-launch support from miHoYo, Genshin Impact\’s roster of unique heroes continues to grow over time. The game\’s latest update, Version 2.4, added two polearm-wielding fighters in the form of Cryo user Shenhe and Geo user Yun Jin. Both heroes brought their own unique abilities and personalities to the Genshin Impact cast, but gamers now look ahead to the next update and its new additions. Leaked information from the game\’s beta testers often gives players an early peak at upcoming updates, and many playable heroes are already present in the game as non-player characters. Genshin Impact update leaks point to Ayato and Yae Miko as the title\’s next two additional warriors, with the duo apparently coming in Version 2.5.

Shared by Twitter user matfacio and reported by The Gamer, a supposed Genshin Impact leak claims to reveal several upcoming playable characters. The four figures are detailed through in-game data about their skeleton models, which serves to confirm their names and body types. Ayato is given the male body type, lending credibility to the rumor that he will soon be added in Version 2.5. Heroes named Yelan, Heizou and Kuki Shinobu are also included in the leaked data, suggesting that these three will be introduced in the near future as well.

While very little is officially known about the future of Genshin Impact, the recent leaks are supported by past information. Previous Genshin Impact character leaks about Kuki Shinobu were revealed in December 2021, with the hero suggested to be arriving in the title\’s upcoming 2.5 update. The character was first introduced to the action role-playing game\’s world of Teyvat in Version 2.3, which also saw the addition of playable oni gang leader Arataki Itto. Kuki Shinobu is said to be the gangster\’s second-in-command, and leaks about her eventual character model line up with the information shared by matfacio on Twitter.

With each new update miHoYo expands Genshin Impact\’s roster, drawing the excitement and curiosity of the game\’s fanbase. Leakers are often able to reveal the game\’s next characters before their official announcement, but other rumors are a bit more vague. While model skeleton information is not a definitive confirmation of any upcoming content, the data does help to strengthen previous rumors about Version 2.5\’s additions.

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