Genshin Impact Leak Shows Off Yelan's In-Game Character Model

Leaks from Genshin Impact’s upcoming update 2.6 have revealed model designs for one of the soon-to-be-released characters, Yelan. Genshin Impact features an ever-growing cast of lovable and iconic characters, with miHoYo continuing to add free updates to their action RPG title and expanding the pool of heroes available in its gacha system. It has started to become more common for the release of new Genshin Impact characters to be predicted by leaks, a practice that allows fans to build anticipation and adds an element of hype to the wait.

The release of Kamisato Ayato has already been confirmed by the official Genshin Impact Twitter account. However, according to various leaks, the head of the Kamisato clan will not be the only new character being added to Genshin Impact in the near future. Yelan, who is rumored to be a hydro-using bow-wielder, is also slated to join Genshin Impact’s roster, though she is more likely to be released in update 2.7 than 2.6.

Beta leaks have given fans a sneak-peak at Yelan’s in-game model in advance of her official announcement, but next to nothing is known about her kit at present. One fan, going by the name WndrGrd_Spiritomb on Reddit shared some references that appear to show Yelan\’s model. A recent article by Game Rant discussed the leak of Yelan\’s model and the lack of information presently available about what role she might fulfill inside of a player\’s team composition. The article also notes that recent updates to Genshin Impact have seen the release of many DPS and sub-DPS heroes, indicating that it is, perhaps, slightly more likely that Yelan will be a support character.

With no information on Yelan\’s kit, it is hard to speculate on her strength or how much she will be included in optimized parties going forward. However, Yelan is not the only Hydro user coming to Genshin Impact in the near future, and by contextualizing her with what is known about other upcoming characters it may be possible to guess some things about her. It is nearly a sure thing that Ayato will be the five-star character released in update 2.6, meaning that Yelan will most likely be a four-star character. Ayato is also known to be a DPS character whose ascension attribute is crit damage, which lends some additional credence to the idea that Yelan might be some kind of support-leaning character since they share an element.

Fans are always eager for the addition of new playable characters to Genshin Impact and it is clear that there will be at least a few across the next couple of updates. Given that Ayato is the only officially announced character for update 2.6 it is likely that players will have to be patient for one more update before Yelan follows. On the bright side, however, it is likely that Yelan\’s release will be accompanied by that of another four-star hero, Kuki Shinobu, according to leaks. Not much is known about Kuki Shinobu but she is a member of Arataki Itto\’s gang and is known for being the only gang member willing to question his authority. Genshin Impact patch 2.6 is expected to be released sometime this coming March, but an exact date will likely not be announced until the patch is closer to launching.

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