Genshin Impact Leaks: Enkanomiya's Junk Chests Explained

Genshin Impact is certainly no stranger to leaks, and the game’s upcoming 2.4 update is no exception. Along with other leaks revealed from Genshin Impact’s beta testing, Junk Chests, an entirely new chest type in Genshin Impact, are rumored to be added to the game as part of the 2.4 update. Junk Chests will reward players with Mora and will be found throughout Enkanomiya, a submerged realm located under a whirlpool at the center of Watatsumi Island in Inazuma.

In terms of rewards, these new Genshin Impact Junk Chests will apparently contain between 10,000-15,000 Mora each. Mora is the main currency in Genshin Impact and a highly sought after commodity for players. Not only can Mora be used to purchase items, but it is also required to level up Artifacts, Weapons and Characters. To ascend and level up one character to the highest level (Level 90), a player needs over 2 million Mora. This doesn’t take into account the additional cost of millions of Mora required for the character\’s Talents, Weapon, and Artifacts. Named after the Geo Archon Morax, who lives in the human world as Genshin Impact\’s Zhongli, Mora is accepted throughout every region in Teyvat. Mora can be acquired through many different means currently, and Enkanomiya’s new Junk Chests will provide players with another way of obtaining Mora.

According to leakers that took part in Genshin Impact’s beta testing, ​​Enkanomiya will include over 200 Standard Chests of the existing chest types in the game, from Common all the way up to Luxurious. Additionally, leakers have found 82 Junk Chests, with their rewards amassing close to 1 million Mora altogether. It’s interesting to note that Remarkable Chests, which reward players with furnishing blueprints for Genshin Impact\’s Serenitea Pot, were not found in the new Enkanomiya region.

Genshin Impact\’s 2.4 Update Introduces New Type Of Chest

Another prominent Genshin Impact leaker, 46cba, noted in a tweet that these new Junk Chests have one significant difference from the chests currently in the game which players are already familiar with. Junk Chests will appear less like Standard Chests in Genshin Impact, and instead be more similar to “Investigate” spots that appear around the map which drop loot when interacted with. This significant difference between Junk Chests and the chest types already available in the game adds to the intrigue of Genshin Impact’s mysterious Enkanomiya region.

Genshin Impact players who can’t wait to get their hands on the 2.4 update fortunately won’t have to wait too much longer. Genshin Impact’s 2.4 release date is not yet confirmed, but the beta test has resulted in a significant number of leaks, especially regarding Enkanomiya, further piquing the interest of fans eagerly awaiting the addition of the new region. While the name and appearance of Junk Chests may not be set in stone, players are hopeful that these new chests will provide them with an additional source of Mora, one of Genshin Impact’s most sought-after currencies.

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