Genshin Impact Leaks: How Deep The Chasm Really Goes

A recent Genshin Impact leak has allegedly revealed the depth of the Chasm, which will be arriving in the upcoming 2.6 update on March 30, 2022. The majority of the Chasm is currently sealed off to players, but version 2.6 will make the Chasm explorable for the first time. Said to be rich in ore, the Chasm is a quarry-like area located west of Lisha in Liyue. Once a mining area, the Chasm is home to underground mines that players will be able to explore, taking them hundreds of meters underground.

According to Genshin Impact lore, the Chasm was created by a meteorite thousands of years ago, during the Archon War. The crater left behind had unusual geological conditions, which led unique fauna and flora to grow in the cavern. Once the Archon War had passed, the people of Liyue mined in the area, reaping the Chasm’s rich rewards. During Genshin Impact’s 2.5 livestream, it was revealed the Chasm comprises of two parts: the surface and underground mines, which are treacherous to navigate.

A recent leak shared on Twitter by renowned Genshin Impact leak account Genshin Intel revealed the depth of both the Chasm’s surface and its underground mines. The Chasm’s surface, and the entrance to the underground mines, allegedly sits at 150 meters below sea level. The bottom of the underground mines, at its deepest point, is rumored to be a huge 1,150 meters below sea level. For context, Skyfrost Nail in Dragonspine, one of the highest points in Genshin Impact, is 500 meters above sea level, meaning that the bottom of Genshin Impact\’s multi-part Chasm is over double that distance underground.

Genshin Impact Leaks: How Deep Is The Chasm?

Genshin Impact fans had mixed responses to the news of the Chasm plunging over 1000 meters underground. While some were excited by the news, others expressed concerns over the logistics of exploring such a vast area. One commenter tweeted: “the area better not be a freaking 1000 meters high, imagine having to explore every bit of wall for hidden chests.” However, other players may have already found a potential solution to this problem: the Geo Treasure Compass. The Geo Treasure Compass is a Gadget that can be forged by players to search for chests in Liyue. As the Chasm is part of Liyue, players are theorizing that Genshin Impact\’s geo-attuned compass will work within the Chasm, making searching for chests considerably easier.

Genshin Impact is unlikely to officially confirm whether the leak is true, so players will have to wait until the game\’s 2.6 update to find out whether the Chasm’s rumored depth is accurate. However, the leak comes from a reputable Genshin Impact leaker, and Genshin Impact is renowned for being plagued with leaks, and its upcoming 2.6 update is no exception. Most recently, Ayato’s gameplay and constellations were leaked ahead of him arriving as a playable character in version 2.6. Fortunately, players won’t have to wait much longer until they can explore the Chasm in Genshin Impact – and the incredible depths of its underground mines – for themselves.

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