Genshin Impact Leaks: How Dendro Will Make Electro More Valuable

Genshin Impact Electro Dendro

Even after Inazuma, Electro is probably the most niche Element in Genshin Impact. Its Elemental Reactions typically aren\’t the most desirable, and there are even some cases where having an Electro character on the team can ruin the team composition by messing up reactions. However, allegedly leaked Dendro reactions show that when Dendro releases, Electro use might be more widespread.
The Elemental Reactions that Electro is used for include Electro-charged, which is its reaction with Hydro. This reaction deals solid damage and can even keep some smaller enemies from attacking. Superconduct, Electro\’s reaction with Cryo, is rarely used since there are so few physical carries in the game. And Overloaded, which is Electro\’s reaction with Pyro, is more often than not avoided, since Vaporize and Melt are so much more valuable for damage in Genshin Impact.

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However, Genshin Impact leaks have brought up what Electro\’s reaction with Dendro will be and how it will affect gameplay. This leaked reaction is called Intensified and benefits both Electro and Dendro. This reaction, based on how strong it is once it hits live servers, could potentially be meta changing, or at least bring Electro characters up to compete with the Pyro and Cryo carries.

Genshin Impact: Why Dendro Might Be So Good For Electro

Genshin Impact Dendro Leaks And Rumors Dendro Electro Intensified

What the Genshin Impact community knows about Intensified so far is that the reaction boosts the damage of which Element triggered it. So, for example, if Dendro is applied to an enemy and the player applies Electro, Intensified will boost Electro damage for a short time, and vice versa. If the damage boost is noticeable enough, this will make Dendro supports want to be with an Electro DPS, or current Electro supports, like Fischl and upcoming character Kuki Shinobu, could be paired with a future Dendro DPS. And depending on what Dendro Resonance ends up being, there could be a new type of team composition with two Electro and two Dendro characters, consistently proccing Intensified to have every character on the team dealing more damage.

Another possible way that Dendro will change up Electro teams is by adding a Dendro applier to an Electro-charged team. Electro-charged is a pretty strong team composition that usually ends up with characters like Beidou, Xingqiu, Kokomi, Fischl, and Childe. However, Dendro\’s reactions with both Hydro and Electro could bring Electro-charged teams to the top. Dendro\’s leaked reaction in Genshin Impact with Hydro is called Overgrown, which will cause mushrooms to spawn and explode dealing damage. If Overgrown damage is good enough, there\’s a large enough potential to see Electro-charged teams seeing a Dendro addition, meaning that the team will constantly be proccing Electro-charged, Intensified, and Overgrown, which will likely cause the player to deal massive damage.

If Dendro\’s reactions are as strong as they sound on paper, they will undoubtedly cause Electro to compete with the other damage Elements Pyro and Cryo. Electro will be viable on more team compositions and with more characters, which means that players can use the Electro characters they love in Genshin Impact and not have to worry about trading damage. Dendro\’s inevitable release in Genshin Impact is absolutely going to turn the spotlight on Electro, making the wait for the Element all the more exciting.
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