Genshin Impact Leaks: New Shortcut Wheel Explained

Genshin Impact leaks have revealed a new wheel customization quality-of-life feature that may be added in future updates. This feature improves the Shortcut Wheel in the Key Bindings menu, allowing players to customize the Shortcut Wheel according to their liking. While Genshin Impact has been running for over a year and has gained a significant number of players, some may still be uncomfortable with the controls and Key Bindings features. As such, would the leaked quality-of-life upgrade provide more straightforward game navigation?

The Shortcut Wheel is a necessary tool for most Genshin Impact PS4 players and other controller users when it comes to navigating game menus. Although PC players may simply hold the Alt key and click on a specific menu, they can also access the Shortcut Wheel by holding the Tab key. Specifically, the Shortcut Wheel is an 8-Direction wheel that includes a shortcut to Wish, Inventory, Quests, Map, Events, Adventurer Handbook, Battle Pass, and Character menu.

Given the limited amount of options available on the current Shortcut Wheel, it requires extra effort to access other menus such as Party Setup, Time, Achievements, and Shop, which are all located in the Genshin Impact Main Menu. A configurable Shortcut Wheel will bring in a more user-friendly system and increase convenience for players. Moreover, with recent Genshin Impact updates focusing only on adding new events and quests, it would be excellent to see some modifications to the controls and menus in future updates since some players have expressed dissatisfaction with some Genshin Impact systems.

Genshin Impact Leaks: Shortcut Wheel Customization Update

BLANK, a Genshin Impact dataminer account on Twitter, shared images containing leaked information on a new QOL upgrade. According to the leaked images, the Key Bindings menu will have a \”Configure Shortcut Wheel\” option. By selecting this option, players may add or remove shortcut menus from the 8-Direction wheel. Shortcut options that can be added in the Shortcut Wheel include the default options as well as those from the Main Menu such as Shop, Party Setup, Friends, Achievements, Character Archive, Co-Op Mode in Genshin Impact, Take Photo, Mail, Time, and Settings.

While the leaked Shortcut Wheel customization upgrade may alleviate some of Genshin Impact\’s inconveniences, some players suggest alternative quality-of-life changes that may be better than what the leaks revealed. For instance, a Shortcut Wheel for Gadgets would make it easier for players to quickly access a certain gadget in Genshin Impact without browsing the Inventory. Meanwhile, some players preferred the Shortcut Wheel had a greater Direction number than the currently available eight-direction wheel to maximize the Shortcut Wheel\’s use.

Overall, there is still room for more quality-of-life improvements that might be added in Genshin Impact as some players continue to have issues with the game system. The Shortcut Wheel customization update in Genshin Impact would mean that developers are taking another step toward enhancing the game\’s navigation if the leaks are proven to be true. At the moment, dataminers have not indicated which future version of the game will have the Shortcut Wheel update. In any case, additions for a better and more convenient experience are things to look forward to in future Genshin Impact updates.

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