Genshin Impact Leaks Reveal Two New Hydro Characters

A notable leaker has apparently revealed two new Genshin Impact characters, both wielding the Hydro element. The action role-playing game\’s roster of elemental warriors has continued to expand since launch, thanks to dedicated support form developer miHoYo. Just recently Genshin Impact\’s 2.5 update added playable character Yae Miko, but fans are already looking ahead to the game\’s next set of new Teyvat adventurers.

Genshin Impact\’s ever-evolving roster of characters keeps players coming back to miHoYo\’s fantasy world on a regular basis. While the title is free-to-play, unlocking new heroes and weapons requires players to spend money in a gacha gambling system. Purchasing pulls gives Genshin Impact fans a random chance to obtain a specific character\’s Banner, though there is not guarantee that they will ever win their desired prize. Despite this paywall, players are constantly anticipating the announcement of the title\’s next exciting hero. Potential future additions like Yelan, Ayato and Heizou were recently teased by a Genshin Impact character data leak, though miHoYo has not yet unveiled Version 2.6 or beyond.

Industry insider and Twitter user anonsbelle has seemingly leaked 3D Genshin Impact renders of two upcoming characters: Yelan and Kamisato Ayato. Both Hydro users have been detailed in past leaks, and the in-game renders potentially confirm that they will be joining the title\’s roster in the near future. Ayato, the brother of current playable character Kamisato Ayaka, is the head of Clan Kamisato and utilizes a sword in battle. Little is known about Yelan, meanwhile, besides her design and the fact that she wields a bow in combat. While neither character is officially confirmed, it now seems likely that they will be coming to Genshin Impact in Version 2.6.

While Yelan will be an entirely original addition to the world of Genshin Impact, Ayato has already been officially revealed by miHoYo. First mentioned as the brother of Ayaka, a Genshin Impact character reveal of Kamisato Ayato recently shed more light on the mysterious figure. The Pillar of Fortitude\’s Hydro element and sword weapon were announced, with the figure apparently playing a key role in the region of Inazuma and its currently tumultuous political climate. The character\’s regal design is perfectly reflected in the 3D render shared by anonsbelle, lending credibility to the leak.

Genshin Impact fans are always eager to learn about the ARPG\’s next playable characters, and anonsbelle\’s leak may have just revealed Version 2.6\’s impending selection. The renders appear to be official, with Ayato\’s flawlessly translating his recently-revealed design into a 3D model. Version 2.5 just launched, however, so fans will have to wait before they actually have a chance to win Ayato or Yelan.

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