Genshin Impact Leaks: Shikanoin Heizou's Talents, Constellations, & More

Genshin Impact Leaks Shikanoin Heizou's Talents, Constellations, & More

HoYoverse revealed Shikanoin Heizou as a new playable character for the upcoming Genshin Impact 2.8 update and players can attempt to pull for him during his promotional rate-up Banner. Shortly after the release of the Version 2.8 beta, leaks of Heizou\’s Talents, ascension materials, and Constellations were prevalent online. As the newest update comes closer to release, fans await Heizou\’s arrival with enthusiasm.
Shikanoin Heizou is a detective for the Tenryou Commission, one of the three Inazuma Commissions in Genshin Impact. He\’s a young-looking man who has a reputation for being rebellious and is considered disorderly. Despite being unruly, Heizou does bring results when needed, which is why his superior, Kujou Sara continues to employ him in spite of her disapproval of Heizou\’s personality.

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Shikanoin Heizou is a 4-star character who possesses the Anemo Vison while also wielding a catalyst in battle, which makes him the first male character who uses the weapon in the game. Heizou\’s attacks are quite unique because he strikes using a form of martial arts, which involves him attacking enemies with flurries of punches and kicks instead of conjuring the usual elemental magic like many other catalyst characters in Genshin Impact. As a DPS-focused character, many of Heizou\’s Talents are used to enhance his damage in combat.

Genshin Impact: Shikanoin Heizou\’s Leaked Talents

Genshin Impact Shikanoin Heizou's Leaked Talents

According to the beta leaks provided by genshin.honeyhunterworld, Heizou\’s Normal Attack called the Fudou Style Martial Arts has him performing 5 strikes with his fist, which deals Anemo damage to opponents. His Charged Attack consumes Stamina and has Heizou unleashing a sweeping kick that also deals Anemo damage. For his Plunging Attack, Heizou creates a surging wind that hits enemies with AOE Anemo along his path. All of Shikanoin Heizou\’s attacks can inflict Anemo status on enemies therefore players can easily infuse other elements with the aid of allies, which will create powerful Swirl Elemental Reactions in Genshin Impact.

Heizou\’s Elemental Skill known as Heartstopper Strike has a Tap and a Hold phase. By tapping the skill, Heizou will quickly strike forward with his fist to deal Anemo damage. Holding the skill will charge his attack, which will also grant him a Declension effect. After releasing his skill, Heizou\’s attack will become significantly stronger. The Declension effect has a max of 4 stacks and will increase his next Heartstopper Strike. By possessing all 4 stacks, Heizou will gain a Conviction effect that will increase his Elemental Skill\’s damage and produce a larger AOE attack.
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Heizou\’s Elemental Burst ability called Windmuster Kick is similar to many Anemo characters in Genshin Impact. The Talent has Heizou leaping into the air in order to unleash the Fudou Style Vacuum Slugger, which is a powerful wind blast generated from his kick. The attack will then explode and create an Arresting Windtunnel that will pull enemies and objects, dealing AOE Anemo damage similar to Sucrose\’s Elemental Burst. When infusing the Vacuum Slugger with another element, a Windmuster Iris will be created. The Iris will then explode, dealing damage based on the infused element. The Vacuum Slugger can only affect up to four enemies with the Windmuster Iris.

Genshin Impact: Heizou\’s Ascension & Talent Materials

Genshin Impact Heizou

Players will need to obtain several Runic Fangs in order to level up and ascend Shikanoin Heizou, which can only be obtained by defeating the Ruin Serpent in Genshin Impact. The Vayuda Turquoise stones will also be required for Ascension and can be acquired from the Anemo Hypostasis or the Maguu Kenki bosses. In preparation for his release, players should search for the Onikabuto beetles within the open world of Inazuma and farm for Insignias dropped by Treasure Hoarders.
Shikanoin Heizou\’s Talents will also require several Treasure Hoarder Insignias, Silver Raven Insignias, and Gold Raven Insignias. The Talent materials Teachings of Transcience, Guide to Transcience, and Philosophies of Transcience can be farmed in the Violet Court Domain in Inazuma. To reach higher Talent levels, The Meaning of Aeons will be required and is dropped by defeating the weekly Raiden Shogun Boss in Genshin Impact.

Genshin Impact: Heizou\’s Passive Talents & Constellations

Genshin Impact Heizou's Passive Talents & Constellations

Heizou\’s Passive Talent Pre-Existing Guilt decreases sprinting Stamina consumption for all allies by 20%. The ability cannot stack with other allies\’ Passive Talents with a similar effect. Paradoxical Practice will grant Heizou one Declension stack whenever he triggers a Swirl reaction in Genshin Impact. Penetrative Reasoning increases all other party members\’ Elemental Mastery by 80 for 10 seconds when Heizou uses his Elemental Skill Heartstopper Strike.

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Named Juvenile Casebook is Heizou\’s Constellation level 1, which increases his Normal Attack speed by 15% for 5 seconds and will grant him one Declension stack whenever he takes the field. The effects can only be triggered once every 10 seconds. Investigation Collection will increase the pulling effect generated by Heizou\’s Elemental Burst while also increasing the duration by 1 second. Characters with higher Constellation levels in Genshin Impact will have increased Talent levels. For Heizou specifically, his Elemental Skill and Elemental Burst Talents will increase by three levels at Constellations 3 and 5.

At Constellation 4, Tome of Lies will regenerate 9 Elemental Energy for Heizou after the first Windmuster Iris explosion. Every Iris explosion afterward will regenerate an additional 1.5 Elemental Energy for Heizou making the ability perfect for consistently using his Elemental Burst. His final Constellation level called the Curious Casefiles will increase Heizou\’s Heartstopper Strike\’s CRIT rate by 4% for every Declension stack. When he acquires the Conviction effect, which is a max of 4 Declension stacks, his Elemental Skill\’s CRIT damage will increase by 32%.

Genshin Impact: Heizou\’s Expected Release Date

Genshin Impact Heizou's Expected Release Date

Shikanoin Heizou will be released during the Genshin Impact\’s Version 2.8 update. Unconfirmed leaks online indicate that Heizou will have a promotional Banner during the first half of the update along with the 5-star Kaedehara Kazuha and Klee. Unlike previous patches, HoYoverse officially announced that the Version 2.8 update will be released on July 13, 2022. This will give players some time to farm for Shikanoin Heizou along with preparing the best types of equipment for him.

Players planning to pull for Heizou should prioritize farming for the Viridescent Venerer Artifacts because the 4-piece effect will synergize with his Talents. Additionally, fans should concentrate on building Heizou\’s CRIT rate and CRIT damage for better DPS since he will be used as an aggressive attacker. It is very important for players to understand that because Shikanion Heizou is a 4-star character, there will be a possibility that fans will not pull him. This is because 4-stars lack a pity system in Genshin Impact; therefore, Heizou is not guaranteed like 5-star characters and may not appear even if players invest large amounts of Primogems. Despite lacking a guaranteed pity counter, Heizou can be pulled randomly through the Standard Wish.

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