Genshin Impact leaks show two upcoming Dendro elemental reactions

Genshin Impact uses gacha mechanics and has a simple combat system that relies on applying different elemental reactions to increase damage potential. The game provides the option to use four-party characters simultaneously. This allows the players to use four different types of elemental damage on the field. Recent Genshin Impact leaks reveal two new Dendro elemental reactions coming to the game.

In the world of Teyvat, each Genshin Impact character apart from the traveler can use one out of six elements. A handful of leaks surfacing on the internet reveal that the game will allow players to use the long-awaited Dendro element on the battlefield.

Leaks have revealed information about upcoming Dendro elemental reactions

The leak has confirmed that the new elemental reactions will not trigger with the three Genshin Impact elements: Geo, Anemo, and CryoGenshin Intel is one of the most credible leakers on the internet. The latest leak by Genshin Intel is claiming that a new element will be arriving with the upcoming update of the game. According to the leaks, Genshin Impact will also add a new nation to the game, thus further expanding the world of Teyvat.

Two new elemental reactions will also be added and they have the following effect:

  1. Intensified: This elemental reaction is triggered when Dendro and Electro are combined, increasing both of these elemental damage types for 7 seconds. Additionally, the reaction will drop one electro particle.
  2. Overgrown: Upon combining Dendro and Hydro elements, seeds are dropped on the floors which turn into mushrooms. Applying additional Hydro damage will cause them to explode out.

When it comes to the combination of Dendro and Pyro, the elemental reaction Burning already exists in the game and it deals additional Pyro damage over time. There is a chance that this elemental reaction will be modified once Dendro officially becomes a part of a playable characters kit. HoYoverse has not given a specific date yet for the first Dendro character’s arrival.

dendro elements reactions leaks
Image via miHoYo

Multiple leaks suggest that it will probably happen once the new Sumeru region arrives in update 3.0 of the game. Assuming that previous rumors are correct about update 2.8 being the last update of the Inazuma arc, we can expect Genshin Impact version 3.0 to arrive around august this year.

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