Genshin Impact Material Crafting System Mocked By Meme Video

A hilariously accurate Genshin Impact meme video pokes fun at the action role-playing game\’s material crafting system. Developed by miHoYo, Genshin Impact includes crafting mechanics and a gacha system that allows players to pay for randomly-selected weapons, characters or resources.

The popular game has a relatively nuanced crafting system, with a variety of mechanics such as breaking down Genshin Impact weapons to acquire base materials for better creations. While individual weapons cannot be directly broken down into resources, the game\’s gacha system provides a clever workaround to this limitation. By repeatedly \”wishing\” for a weapon, or requesting one from Genshin Impact\’s randomly generated distributor, players can acquire a duplicate of a weapon. The game then allows the weapons to be fused, adding materials into one while destroying the other. As Genshin Impact continues to update, its crafting system continues to grow and change.

A hilarious video about Genshin Impact\’s crafting system was recently posted to Reddit by user -zephon. The meme begins by showing a player attempting to ascend Baal and Sara, before breaking down each item required to level them up. For example, Baal requires six Vajrada Amethyst Gemstones to ascend, amongst other materials. – but a single Vajrada Amethyst Gemstone requires three Vajrada Amethyst Chunks to craft, which require three Vajrada Amethyst Fragments each to craft, and so on and so forth. The hole gets deeper and deeper, demonstrating the absurd number of resources needed just to take a small step towards ascending a character.

While -zephon\’s video about the state of Genshin Impact\’s material crafting is amusing – and largely true – there are ways around slowly collecting each resource. Farming materials to ascend Genshin Impact\’s Baal can be a comparatively simpler process, provided players know where to look for certain resources. For example, Vajrada gemstones can be reliably looted from the powerful Electro Hypostatis, allowing a quick and efficient means to build up Baal\’s power. Storm Beads are another resource needed to level up Baal, and they can only be obtained by beat the Thunder Manifestation boss.

The meme video created by -zephon is humorous, but it also exposes a real issue with Genshin Impact\’s material crafting system. A time-consuming amount of resources is needed to ascend a single character, and many of these materials can only be obtained from a single source. This forces players to tirelessly grind for the chance at improving their character, rather than allowing them to level up through gameplay. Perhaps by adding more ways to obtain these resources, the labor required to play Genshin Impact could be eased.

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