Genshin Impact Max AR 60 Rewards Are Abysmal

One of Genshin Impact\’s biggest goals for players is to reach the max Adventure Rank (AR) 60. It determines how long or how hard someone has played, and it offers a great sense of pride. High Adventure Rank means months of grinding and completing quests. Increasing the AR unlocks new features such as commissions, co-op, certain quests, and the Genshin Impact artifact strongbox system. It also raises the max level cap for characters\’ and increases the drop rates for weapon billets and 5-star artifacts.

Increasing Genshin Impact Adventure Rank requires Adventure EXP, and it can be easily obtained through multiple ways. Many fans were surprised and upset at the sudden massive amount of EXP required when reaching level 56. Only 36,000 EXP was required at 55, but 232,350 EXP was needed for 56. Grinding Adventure EXP can be a very long process, especially since most of the Adventure EXP is gained through uses of Resin such as obtaining rewards from domains and defeating bosses. Despite the many fixes to the Genshin Impact Resin system, players are still limited to what they can do in a day. Fortunately, a significant amount of Adventure Rank EXP can be obtained through quests and exploration. In the end, it seems like maxing out Adventure Rank and reaching the endgame will all be worth it for the rewards and self-satisfaction, but that\’s not the case.

With the long arduous journey of reaching Adventure Rank 60, one would think the rewards are a nice big gift box of valuable goodies. In reality, the rewards are quite poor. The max Adventure Rank 60 rewards a measly 150 Primogems, which is not even enough for 1 single pull in the gacha system. 3 Acquaint Fates are also rewarded, along with some Fragile Resin, Mystic Enhancement Ores, and Hero\’s Wit. This same amount can be gained through only 15 minutes of Genshin Impact playtime, so it\’s somewhat insulting that this reward is so minimal.

How Genshin Impact Could Improve AR 60 Rewards

Genshin Impact players should feel rewarded for being loyal and longtime fans. Genshin Impact\’s Sacred Sakura Tree Rewards are generous, so AR rewards should be even better. Rewards are an incentive for players to keep playing. A circulated fan edit of AR 60 rewards included 1000 Primogems, 10 wishes, and a choice of any permanent 5-star character. Although these rewards are never going to happen, the amount of effort and time needed to reach that max level makes it not a completely farfetched idea. At the very least, players should be able to increase their characters\’ level cap up to 100. A name card to celebrate their journey, or even a new skin for the traveler can be nice. Unless the max AR expands past 60, there really isn\’t much more to look forward to, once someone catches up to the server.

After HoYoverse\’s anniversary rewards controversy, many players vented their frustration with how little the game seems to care about its players. Later, Genshin Impact made up for this by offering some pretty bountiful rewards during Lunar New Year. The Genshin Impact Three Realms Gateway Offering also has some nice rewards. However, these rewards are all time-gated, and if someone misses the event, there is no way to obtain them. This further proves that something long-term and permanent like AR should have the best kinds of rewards.

Genshin Impact seems to be having one controversy after another. Genshin Impact\’s storyline is beautiful and heartbreaking, but how long do players need to wait in order to find their twin sibling? New characters are always anticipated, but how many more can there be until the formula of releasing new characters become exhausted? With the player base recently at an all-time low, changes will need to come to the game. Resolving Genshin Impact\’s endgame problem is a must, and other things like improving the Resin system and increasing AR 60 rewards should keep players content.

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