Genshin Impact: Mesmerizing Dream At Sea Web Event Guide

Genshin Impact Mesmerizing Dream At Sea Web Event Guide

\”Mesmerizing Dream at Sea\” is a Web Event in Genshin Impact that features the Traveler and Paimon recalling their adventures within the Golden Apple Archipelago during Summertime Odyssey. Players can participate in this event to earn various in-game rewards, such as Primogems for pulling Wishes and Mora for upgrading characters. Currently, the Rerun Banners for Kazuha and Klee are live. Accordingly, free-to-play fans in Genshin Impact will need all the \”Freemogems\” they can get to pull these two excellent additions to their roster.
To start \”Mesmerizing Dream at Sea\” in Genshin Impact, players must sign in to their Hoyoverse account and choose the account connected to their server. Like past Web Events, there are no prerequisites for participation, such as Adventure Rank requirements or Story Quest completion. After passing the title screen, participants will be met with a short dialogue scenario between Paimon and the Traveler. Paimon says that she would like to recall her recent dreams, referring to her experiences in the Golden Apple Archipelago. Therefore, it is up to the Traveler to help their small companion remember what they did or saw during Summertime Odyssey.

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The Web Event is divided into several islands or \”dream images,\” which depict the isles of the Golden Apple Archipelago. After choosing the dream image, Paimon will quiz the Traveler about what they experienced. To progress through the event and receive the in-game rewards, participants will need to answer all of the questions correctly.

How To Participate In Mesmerizing Dream At Sea In Genshin Impact

How To Participate In Mesmerizing Dream At Sea In Genshin Impact

For instance, for the first island in \”Mesmerizing Dream at Sea,\” the three correct answers are:
First Answer: An island with lots of DodocosSecond Answer: The Kaboomball FortressThird Answer: A flying treasure chest

Once the dialogue is over, players will receive a cute screenshot with complementary Primogems and Mora. Below are more detailed mechanics of how this Web Event works:
\”Inspirations\” are a currency in this Web Event and serve as the players\’ energy for entering dream images. Inspirations can be earned by completing in-game tasks in Genshin Impactlike logging into the game.\”Snacks\” are another currency used for feeding Paimon if the player gets an answer wrong. Snacks can be acquired by completing more specific in-game tasks like cooking a dish.It is not required for participants to have played through the Summertime Odyssey to enjoy or receive the rewards from \”Mesmerizing Dream at Sea.\” Nevertheless, they are connected in terms of content lore.Genshin Impact fans have until July 31, 2022, to complete this Web Event, after which it will go offline, and the rewards will no longer be available.

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