Genshin Impact: miHoYo decides to allow sales of fan-made merchandise

Genshin Impact has garnered fan praise since its inception last year for various reasons. The game has seen a lot of backing from the community in the form of fan art, cosplays, and other creative mediums. In what will definitely come as a relief to fans, miHoYo has decided to allow the sale of custom or fan-made merchandise of Genshin Impact based on the newly released guidelines on HoYoLAB.

The guidelines released on November 10 explicitly indicate that sales of commercial items that follow the company’s regulations are permitted. The anime-based game also allows the sale of novels and/or stories based on Genshin Impact. Individuals can sell up to 500 units of a product before requiring authorization from miHoYo. Selling items as a part of a group will be limited to only 200 units of merchandise. Fan-made figures/Nendoroid plastic figures or other figurines need to be officially declared for authorization if their use is intended for sale.

Genshin Impact fan-made merchandise: A welcome change for creators 

Video game fans across games have been keen on creating merchandise like stickers, key chains, and art but independent artists have found it hard to get support from companies in selling commercial items. Traditionally creators have had to resort to selling merchandise during conventions like comic cons.  

It is can be a financial burden for some creators as sometimes the manufacturing cost cannot be overcome by selling small amounts of fan-created items but the huge fanbase of Genshin Impact and a large portion of them spending on game-related items makes it a profitable affair for the creators.

Getting official guidelines and support from the developers is much-needed support for the small independent artists and helps them grow without having the fear of getting a cease-and-desist order. This is good for both artists and miHoYo as it will bring more fans and drive engagement for the game.

miHoYo’s continued support 

miHoYo has constantly held fan art contests on various social media along with the official creator’s program. miHoYo also seems to be lenient as opposed to other games as the minimum requirement to be eligible for the program is lower in comparison. Additionally, miHoYo also provided access to character models which have been used extensively in fan-made videos and TikToks.

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