Genshin Impact: miHoYo sued Bilibili, continues crackdown on leakers

miHoYo, developers of the highly popular role-playing game Genshin Impact, has sued popular Chinese video streaming Bilibili in its continued effort to crack down on leakers. According to a recent Xueqiu’s news article published on 6th September 2021, miHoYo has decided to take action against Bilibili by filing lawsuits in order to identify leakers on the platform causing damage to miHoYo’s popular title.

However, as miHoYo has said, they are not by any means going into a fight against Bilibili regarding this issue. It is just miHoYo following the legal procedure to identify leakers and data miners in the game. In fact, miHoYo and Bilibili have collaborated several times for livestreams on Genshin Impact as well as Honkai Impact 3rd.

But the Privacy laws in China prioritize the protection of private user information and hence Bilibili does not have any rights to disclose the identity of the streamers unless it is required for legal proceedings in the court or by the government. This is not the first time when the data has been leaked. Previously miHoYo has shown disappointment and taken small action against data miners.

miHoYo has sued Bilibili in order to prevent the leakers and dataminers in Genshin Impact

By suing Bilibili, miHoYo aims to obtain information to identify the leakers, which is its main objective. A total of eleven lawsuits to be heard on 17th September 2021 have been filed aimed at the 11 biggest leakers who are active on Bilibili. For miHoYo, these leakers are a big problem since they have inside sources which means that the leaks are credible and are therefore potentially a bigger hit on the revenue.

miHoYo is hunting down and taking strict acation against the leakers

miHoYo has been keen on finding out the leakers and dataminers and has come down hard previously as well on people who break the NDA while being a part of the Beta test of their titles.

In one such incident of the crackdown, a Chinese player who registered as a Beta tester was fined a whopping ¥500,000 ($77,300) for going against the terms and conditions. Moreover, to get a deeper insight into this incident, you can go through this Reddit post.

Genshin Impact has been continually trying to dissuade players from looking for leaks by unveiling upcoming characters for the next patch on their social media pages. That is how the Genshin players already know about Thoma who is going to be released in patch 2.2 update

The thrill of releases remains intact as miHoYo take action against leakers

Every action has a positive as well as a negative response. Much like that, many players from Genshin’s wide fanbase are unhappy with miHoYo for taking such steps since it means that players will not get any hints of the upcoming banners in the game.

However, it is equally important to understand that all these leaks are hurting miHoYo not only by limiting the revenue they generate from banners but also if players find the leaked content to be boring it could lead to lower player retention.

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