Genshin Impact: Misty Hills, Foggy Vales Event Guide

Genshin Impact Misty Hills Foggy Vales Event Guide

\”Phantom Realm: Misty Hills, Foggy Vales\” is an Event Challenge in Genshin Impact that serves as the second part of the Summertime Odyssey Event, which becomes available once Travelers have completed \”As the Courtyard in Spring Once Appeared.\” 100% completion of this Event Challenge will reward players with Primogems ×60, Hero\’s Wits ×4, Mystic Enhancement Ore ×4, and Mora ×80,000. To get started, open Genshin Impact\’s Events screen from the Pause Menu and select Summertime Odyssey. Then, out of the four colorful bubbles that appear, choose the mint-colored one on the upper right to begin \”Misty Hills, Foggy Vales\” in Genshin Impact.

During the \”Misty Hills, Foggy Vales\” Event Challenge, Travelers will face several waves of monsters and enemy mobs. While this might sound basic, the challenge spices up combat by adding a new mechanical ability called \”Flowing Leafslasher.\” Combatants can activate Flowing Leafslasher to unleash a massive, fixed amount of AoE damage to nearby targets. After activation, this ability begins a 15-second cooldown, during which the CD can be reduced by one second when a character uses their Elemental Skill or Elemental Burst.
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The combat of \”Misty Hills, Foggy Vales\” also features three Verdures, unique Elemental buffs in Genshin Impact that appear during battle. Travelers and their on-field companions can pick up these Verdures to obtain a special power to dominate their opponents.

Completing The Misty Hills, Foggy Vales In Genshin Impact

Completing The Misty Hills Foggy Vales Event Challenge In Genshin Impact

Here is a list of descriptions explaining the three Verdures of \”Misty Hills, Foggy Vales\”:
Wan-Blue Verdure: Lasting 12 seconds, this Verdure increases the maximum height of jumping, granting characters the ability to execute Plunge Attacks. Furthermore, every Plunge Attack reduces Flowing Leafslasher\’s CD by 0.5s.Redsmoulder Verdure: Lasting 8 seconds, this Verdure bolsters DMG dealt by characters by 30%. This buff can be stacked with other DMG-boosting effects, such as Bennett\’s Fantastic Voyage.Goldsplinter Verdure: Lasting 8 seconds, this Vendure reduces the CDs of unit Elemental Skill and Burst CDs by 20%.

Finally, there are two ways Genshin Impact fans can complete \”Phantom Realm: Misty Hills, Foggy Vales\” — Initial Exploration and Direct Strike. The primary difference between these two modes is that Direct Strike allows for co-op play and offers a somewhat easier lineup of enemies. Therefore, those looking for a more accessible means of completing the optional objectives of Event Challenge are recommended to choose Direct Strike. However, keep in mind that the rewards are the same for both, and Initial Exploration must be complete first before Direct Strike becomes available.

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