Genshin Impact Music Has Helped Popularize The Game

An original soundtrack can make or break a game, and the music of Genshin Impact\’s OST has been solid from the very beginning. While a lot of focus has gone into looking at the characters, world, and gameplay mechanics that have made Genshin Impact a success, the game\’s music is an often overlooked boon to its popularity and longevity. As the game has progressed since its release last year, the music in Genshin Impact has continued to delight fans and may actually be one of the largest credits to its success.

Since the game\’s launch, fans have come to love the music in Genshin Impact. Developer miHoYo even released a 4-disc OST to celebrate Genshin Impact\’s 1.0 content ending. The studio regularly updates its YouTube channel to include new music and even recently held a digital concert for fans.

When a new song drops, Genshin Impact fans are routinely excited – with some songs getting nearly as much hype as new characters. There are multiple factors that go into what makes the music in Genshin Impact so great – and why it may account for at least part of the game\’s success. Even Genshin Impact\’s new Version livestreams have taken to kicking off with new music or even piano renditions of popular songs.

What Kind Of Music Is In Genshin Impact

One of the surprises when Genshin Impact launched was that the game had forgone the techno or even chiptune music associated with many free-to-play and mobile titles. Even miHoYo\’s previous title, Honkai Impact 3rd, leaned heavily into EDM and futuristic sounds for its OST. Meanwhile, the music of Genshin Impact is orchestral and more classical. It\’s the kind of music found in classic Final Fantasy entries or Dragon Quest – AAA fantasy games, in other words -rather than typical gacha games.

Who Genshin Impact\’s Composer Is

Of course, the popularity of the music of Genshin Impact has to be attributed to the talents of its composer, Yu-Peng Chen. From the now-iconic \”Genshin Impact Main Theme\” to well-loved songs like \”Bard\’s Adventure (Venti\’s Theme),\” Chen has helped to put Genshin Impact\’s OST in the upper echelons of video game soundtracks. Even more upbeat and futuristic tunes like \”Contemplation in Snow\” help Genshin Impact feel like a living, breathing fantasy world with different cultures and musical styles.

Genshin Impact\’s Soundtrack Has Helped Make The Game Successful

While the music in Genshin Impact may sometimes get overlooked when compared with releases of new characters or regions, it\’s one of the most consistently great parts of the game. From time to time, fans have been disappointed with new Genshin Impact characters having bad stats or under-performing in combat. They\’ve likewise voiced concerns about Resin and endgame content. However, the music that\’s been released for Genshin Impact\’s original soundtrack so far has been met with almost universal acclaim.

If miHoYo continues leaning into the aspects of Genshin Impact that make it so successful, new music can\’t be ignored. The OST has already received numerous accolades, and it\’s something the fans love. There are a lot of things that Genshin Impact does right, and Yu-Peng Chen\’s music is certainly one of the best.

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