Genshin Impact New World Clean House World Quest Guide

New World Clean House World quest is one of the new world quests that have been added to Genshin Impact after the 2.2v update. In this article, they can find out about the prerequisites of the quest, conditions, walkthrough, and the rewards after the completion of the quest.

Genshin Impact New World Clean House World Quest: Prerequisites

New World Clean House World quest: Introduction

Unlocking the quest requires the player to complete the Omnipresence Over Mortals Archon Quest in Inazuma.

  • One must go to Sangonomiya Shrine on Watatsumi Island. 
  • This will followed by a talk to a maiden of the shrine named Shizuru to accept the quest.

This will initiate the quest and assign a marker on your map!

Genshin Impact New World Clean House World Quest: Steps

Genshin Impact New World Clean House World Quest
Clean House: Locations


  • After talking with Shizuru, one needs to go to Jakotsu to negotiate with the Shogunate Samurai. One will disguise oneself with the Fatui mask which is obtained from previous missions.
  • The Brutish Samurai is seen waiting with his guards. One must approach and talk to him.
  • The negotiation with the Samurai ends badly. They will be prompted to fight the Samurai guards in three waves.
  • The first two waves consist of Samurai guards and the last wave includes the Brutish Samurai.
  • Upon defeat, the samurai will drop a Neat Note on the ground that will be highlighted by a marker.
  • The note will give the clue of your next destination and a marker will appear on the map.
  • Following the trail will lead you to the Fatui in the port.
  • After one has reached the marker, they will discover Borenka, the Fatui Intelligence Officer.
  • After Borenka discovers the identity, they’ll be prompted to a fight.
  • Players must defeat Borenka and his minions. Afterwards, Borenka will fight again. One tip should be the inclusion of a Cryo character in the party to deal with Borenka and his electro shield.
  • After defeating them, one’ll get to read Borenka’s “Orders”, which is optional. Finally, they must talk to Shizuru to complete the quest.


  • Adventure XP: 200 EXP
  • Items 
    • Hero’s Wit: 2
    • Primogems: 30
    • Mora: 20,000

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