Genshin Impact: Ningguang's Constellations Guide

While Ningguang is generally considered a valuable Geo support in Genshin Impact, players who equip her with optimal gear and prioritize specific Constellations can make her a solid choice for DPS. Even without Constellation upgrades, Ningguang can still hold her own in combat, especially if she is combined with other Geo characters. However, her strong utility can provide even more damage output if players choose to level up certain Constellations in Genshin Impact.

The first available Constellation for Ningguang is Piercing Fragments, which grants area-of-effect (AoE) damage with her normal ranged attacks. Although this may be useful when fighting groups of minor enemy mobs, Ningguang\’s normal attacks aren\’t the most effective use in her kit. Still, Piercing Fragments is a reliable option, especially when players have extra Stella Fortuna. On the other hand, the next Constellation in line is one of the best choices to upgrade for Ningguang.

Shock Effect is Ningguang\’s second Constellation that Genshin Impact should undoubtedly prioritize. Not only is it easily accessible as it\’s the second unlockable Constellation, but Shock Effect synergizes very well with Ningguang\’s abilities in Genshin Impact. The Constellation effectively resets the cooldown of the Jade Screen once it has been shattered. Yet, Ningguang\’s Elemental Burst can break the Jade Screen, which grants a synergetic combination. First, Ningguang casts her screen skill, followed by her burst spell Starshatter. As a result, the Jade Screen breaks, and she receives bonus damage on her attacks and burst. Then, Jade Screen\’s cooldown resets thanks to Shock Effect, allowing her to cast the skill again. This cycle significantly increases Ningguang\’s damage output in her rotation.

Best Ningguang Constellations in Genshin Impact

The next Constellation that Ningguang users should prioritize is the sixth passive bonus, \”Grandeur be the Seven Stars.\” This unlocked Constellation in Genshin Impact generates 7 Star Jades when Ningguang uses Starshatter. Star Jades are Charge-Attack projectiles that deal extra damage when cast at an enemy. In other words, with \”Grandeur be the Seven Stars,\” players can activate their Elemental Burst, and any Charged Attacks launched afterward will all deal more damage.

After focusing on upgrading Shock Effect and Grandeur be the Seven Stars, Ningguang fans can begin leveling C3: \”Majesty be the Array of Stars\” or C5: \”Invincible be the Jade Screen.\” As mentioned above, C1: Piercing Fragments is also a decent choice for players that prefer to use Ningguang\’s normal attack, Sparkling Scatter, fairly often. With these choice Constellations, fans can now justify obtaining Ningguang\’s new outfit in Genshin Impact to complement her excellent utility.

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