Genshin Impact Officially Reveals New Characters Yelan & Kuki Shinobu

Two brand-new characters have been introduced to the fantastical world of Genshin Impact, the very mysterious Yelan and an Electro user named Kuki Shinobu. Such a reveal comes in the lead up to Genshin Impact\’s 2.6 update, which will arrive in just a couple of days on March 30. The forthcoming set of changes will boast a host of new content releases for players to sink their teeth into, including Kamisato Ayato as a playable character, new events, and additional weapons.

For many, however, the Chasm constitutes the main draw for Genshin Impact\’s forthcoming update. The multi-part locale features two distinct areas build on top of one another. Developer HoYoverse (formerly miHoYo) previously confirmed the above-ground area will play host to several points of interest, such as the Fuao Vale and Glaze Cliff. Meanwhile, the underground section features Underground Waterways, the Ad Hoc Main Tunnel, and Stony Halls. But while players prepare themselves to explore Genshin Impact\’s Chasm location, HoYoverse has teased a couple of additional interesting introductions to the fantastical universe.

Today, March 28, the official Genshin Impact Twitter account unveiled a close look at two brand-new characters. Yelan counts as the first of the pair to enter the spotlight; a brief character breakdown describes the Hydro user as a \”mysterious person\” who supposedly works for the Ministry of Civil Affairs. The Genshin Impact page later showed off the \”talented\” Kuki Shinobu, an Electro character and Deputy Leader of the Arataki Gang. Notably, Kuki\’s connection to the Arataki Itto-led gang means she hails from Inazuma. Both Yelan and Kuki should arrive in the eventual 2.7 update.

As is often the case with Genshin Impact\’s character teases, specifics like Yelan\’s and Kuki Shinobu\’s various abilities and rarities have yet to surface. Kuki\’s pose makes it look as though she wields a sword, however. Meanwhile, there isn\’t much to glean from the image shown of Yelan. If these two do appear as playable characters in Update 2.7, fans can expect more details to surface about each one in the coming weeks.

Genshin Impact launched on PC, console, and mobile platforms in September 2020 to instant success around the globe. Such momentum shows no sign of slowing either, due in large part to HoYoverse\’s ongoing post-launch support. As noted above, the next major patch, 2.6, goes live later this week, bringing with it the Chasm, a new playable character, and several additional weapons with which players can experiment.

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