Genshin Impact: Onikabuto Locations Guide

Introduced in the 2.0 update of Genshin Impact, Onikabuto are a vibrant purple beetle that travelers can encounter at numerous locations throughout Inazuma. These docile insects flock to areas with high concentrations of Electro energy and, unlike other creatures in the game, won\’t flee or fly away when players approach them. Onikabuto can mostly be found hanging out on tree trunks and rocks, though some will hide between rocks, behind bushes, and on the walls of caves, making them more difficult to spot. They also tend to cluster together, and multiple Onikabuto can often be spotted on the same tree.

As of the Genshin Impact 2.3 update, Onikabuto are now an ascension item for the new 5-star Geo Banner, Arataki Itto, who requires a total of 168 of these Electro-loving beetles to reach level 90. Itto is one of only three other 5-star Geo users in the game so far, and his strength makes him well-suited for Main DPS, which sets him apart from the other characters of his element. In addition to ascending Itto, Onikabuto can also be used to craft the Electro Treasure Compass, which travelers can use to locate treasure chests in Inazuma.

Onikabuto can be found on four of Inazuma\’s six islands, including Narukami Island, Kannazuka Island, Yashiori Island, and Seirai Island. There are a total of 79 Onikabuto locations, and, as a Local Specialty, these bugs respawn every 48 hours. Another 4 Onikabuto can be acquired by speaking to Shouta in Inazuma City, but players will only be able to get these once. Shouta can be found in front of a shrine just east of the Teleport Waypoint in Inazuma City.

Genshin Impact: All Onikabuto Locations On Narukami Island

Narukami Island is one of the best locations to find and collect Onikabuto as several large clusters of them can be found in this area. On the road from the Grand Narukami Shrine to Kamisato Estate, there are a bunch of Onikabuto hiding in trees along the sides of the path, many of which are pretty high off the ground. Onikabuto can also be found within Mt. Yougou and in caves beneath Inazuma City on the massive tree roots and cave walls.

Genshin Impact: All Onikabuto Locations On Kannazuka Island

Inazuma\’s Kannazuka Island is another excellent place to farm Onikabuto, which can be found on the cliffs to the west and northwest of the Mikage Furnace in large clusters. Several more are hanging out on the walls surrounding the Mikage Furnace itself, and players can spot them easily by gliding down through the crater. Finally, four more Onikabuto can be found just north of the Kujou Encampment, two of which are in the Electro tree near the island\’s northernmost beach.

Genshin Impact: All Onikabuto Locations On Yashiori Island

There are two main areas of Yashiori Island that Onikabuto inhabits, including Higi Village and Serpent\’s Head. Three Onikabuto are in and around the Musoujin Gorge just north of Higi Village, one of which is hidden behind a waterfall on the chasm\’s south side. The other Yashiori Island Onikabuto can be found on trees and rocks near the Serpent\’s Skeleton, though none will appear on the Skeleton itself.

Genshin Impact: All Onikabuto Locations On Seirai Island

Of the four islands where Onikabuto spawn, Seirai Island has the fewest as there are only 6 that can be found here. Compared to the other locations, they\’re fairly spread out, making them tougher to farm quickly. However, all of the Onikabuto in this area spawn on trees close to the beaches southwest of Amakumo Peak, making them pretty easy to find.

Players who want to sell all of Genshin Impact\’s Onikabuto locations for themselves can do so by viewing the YouTube video below from taka gg: 

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