Genshin Impact: Paleontological Investigation In The Chasm Quest Guide

Genshin Impact’s The Chasm offers multileveled areas for players to explore. The hidden World Quest, “Paleontological Investigation in The Chasm” can be found in the Underground Mines of the Chasm in Genshin Impact. Players will need to use the Kamera gadget for this quest in order to get all its rewards.

The \”Paleontological Investigation in The Chasm\” quest in Genshin Impact can be initiated by taking at least one Photo of a Strange Rock and turning it in to the NPC Khedive, who can be found at the base camp of the Underground Mines. As revealed by Khedive, the Photo of a Strange Rock is a fossil. There are five fossils total, and players will be able to find them with ease as they are highlighted by a shining light in the open world. Players should note the presence of highlighted photo-taking areas is not dependent on quest initiation.

After speaking to Khedive with the initial photo, he will ask players to return with more. As these Fossil locations will require players to traverse the majority of The Chasm: Underground Mines, it is recommended to complete “The Chasm Delvers” questline to reveal the map in its entirety. Additionally, upgrading the Lumenstone Adjuvant Gadget will help players navigate through Genshin Impact’s Dark Mud as they work to complete the \”Paleontological Investigation In The Chasm\” quest.

Genshin Impact: Photo of a Strange Rock Fossil Locations #1-5 In The Chasm

Fossil #1 is located in the Ad-Hoc Main Tunnel. Players can take the Teleport Waypoint to its right and follow the bridge south. The fossil will be guarded by a group of treasure hoarders above a wooden dock. Fossil #2 can be found north of The Chasm: Main Mining Area. It can be accessed by following the platforms up and over the small lake. Fossil #3 will be the trickiest to find. Players will need to teleport to the Underground Waterway and head to the section above the waterfall. By using the Anemo totem, players can create a wind current that they can use to ride up to a rock platform at the very top of the cavern.

For Fossil #4, players will need to take the tunnel to the left of The Glowing Narrows. The fossil will be at the end of the tunnel, past the location of Genshin Impact’s Lumenstone Ore. Fossil #5 will be south of the Underground Waterway. Players should follow the stream down until they find a group of Hilichurls dancing before the fossil wall. Once players have obtained all five Photos of a Strange Rock, they can report back to Khedive with their findings.

Genshin Impact: Paleontological Investigation In The Chasm Quest Rewards

By completing the \”Paleontological Investigation in The Chasm\” quest in Genshin Impact, players will earn 200 Adventure EXP, 30 Primogems, and 60,000 Mora. If players have already completed “Mycological Investigation in The Chasm” and “Hydrological Investigation in The Chasm,” Khedive will award them with an Academia Recommendation Letter. This will aid the Traveler’s adventure in Genshin Impact’s future region of Sumeru.

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