Genshin Impact Passives Are Missing Clear & Obvious Bonuses

Genshin Impact, at its core, is all about its characters. Each character is unique in their personality, combat style, and perks they bring to their teams. This includes Utility Passives, which help give each character a bit more flavor and diversity. However, a lot of Genshin Impact Utility Passives are being repeated, when there are much more creative options out there.

A Utility Passive is an extra effect that each character has (except for the Traveler) that does not affect combat. While some of these Utility Passives are really useful in Genshin Impact, like a chance to gain extra weapon materials while crafting or decreased stamina consumption when sprinting or swimming, they are often seen on more than one or two characters. While this helps make sure players have more than one chance to access a specific Utility Passive, it can ruin the unique feeling.

A recent example of a repeated Utility Passive can be found with Kamisato Ayato. His Utility Passive is Kamisato Art: Daily Cooking, which gives an 18% chance to receive an extra \”suspicious\” dish when cooking any dish perfectly. This is the exact same effect as Hu Tao\’s Utility Passive, The More the Merrier. And since this Utility Passive does get overshadowed by other cooking passives that have a chance to get another perfect dish instead of a suspicious one, like Jean\’s or Noelle\’s, in Genshin Impact, Kamisato Ayato could have received something more unique.

Unique Ideas For Utility Passives In Genshin Impact

HoYoverse\’s team is unquestionably capable of coming up with unique ideas for Utility Passives for Genshin Impact\’s characters. There are already a few examples of this in the game, like Rosaria, Childe, Sayu, and Aloy. Rosaria\’s Utility Passive gives the party a 10% movement speed boost at night, and Childe\’s gives the entire team an extra level in their Normal Attack. Sayu and Aloy\’s passives have to do with stealth, Sayu\’s making the player capable of sneaking up on Crystalflies, and Aloy\’s making the player stealthy against animals.

There are many other options to make characters feel more unique in Genshin Impact. They could be fairly simple while also giving the character some depth. Some ideas could be that the party takes decreased fall damage, has an increased duration of food buffs, or is less likely to be spotted by enemies by reducing their detection radius. There could also be more complex Utility Passives, like a bow character having less of an arc in their charged shots (i.e the shot goes straight for a long distance instead of arcing which could make gameplay interesting). While this idea strays into affecting combat, Childe\’s Utility Passive does affect combat, so there could be several Utility Passives that straddle that line.

There are a lot of possibilities that could give each character more depth in terms of playing them and having them on teams. While Utility Passives are mostly non-combat bonuses, Childe\’s Utility Passive in Genshin Impact shows that Hoyoverse may give more characters in the future Utility Passives with small combat bonuses, so the possibilities for future characters are virtually endless. The fewer Utility Passives get repeated and more unique ones are added, Genshin Impact will have even more charm from its characters.

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