Genshin Impact Player Calls Out Spiral Abyss Enemies As Cowards

One bold Genshin Impact player called out Spiral Abyss enemies they encountered as cowards. While many Genshin Impact players focus on collecting playable characters, others choose to focus more on the game\’s story quests, boss fights, and a variety of challenging dungeons and domains. For those unwilling to take on the challenge, it can be frustrating to other Genshin Impact players.

Spiral Abyss is a special type of domain that Genshin Impact players can unlock at adventure rank twenty. The unique domain is located in Musk Reef, which is accessed through a wormhole discovered in Cape Oath. The Spiral Abyss contains two main parts: the Abyss Corridor (floors one through eight) and the Abyssal Moon Spire (floors nine through twelve). The Abyss Corridor\’s reward can only be collected once; however, the Abyssal Moon Spire rewards reset every month on the 1st and 16th. As players make their way through the Spiral Abyss\’s floors, the enemies and bosses become more challenging.

Genshin Impact player, RealMajorMarret1 posted on Reddit stating that the Spyral Abyss is getting filled with cowards. They explained the enemies are constantly avoiding the adventurer in an attempt to prevent damage. Cicin Mages and Ruin Defenders shield themselves, Mirror Maidens trap adventurers or teleport away to keep from danger, and Samurai and Ruin Cruisers jump away when they sense a threat. RealMajorMarret1 seems confused as to why these enemies are running away and seem to be unwilling to fight the adventurers head-on. As RealMajorMarret1 believes, adventurers should be the ones facing fear, not going on a wild goose chase to fight each mob.

The Genshin Impact player states that they believe miHoyo is afraid of higher-level players burning through the content, one-shotting every enemy that falls in their path. However, it isn\’t enemy-like behavior to tremble and run in fear in a deep dark dungeon. RealMajorMarret1 says when they want to immerse themselves in a dungeon-like environment, they think of Genshin Impact\’s ferocious dragons and giant bosses ready and willing to tear the adventurer apart. They want something that feels like a real challenge.

The Reddit post has over seven thousand upvotes, showing that RealMajorMarret1 isn\’t the only Genshin Impact player to feel this way. Perhaps miHoyo will see the post and get inspired to make some really challenging content for the more hardcore players to enjoy. Hopefully, in future updates, even the game whales won\’t be able to burn through the content as they did before.

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